Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-60LE820UN = GARBAGE


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I just bought a new 60 LED/LCD HDTV. I went with the Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-60LE820UN and I'm pretty disappointed in some of its shortcomings. It turns out that RGB + Y = CRAP. I replaced a Samsung 56" DLP that had an absolutely AMAZING picture that I had dialed in with very realistic, life-like colors.

Upon receiving delivery of the Quattron, once it was plugged in I immediately threw in "I Am Legend" on Blu-Ray. The opening scenes of daylight cityscapes looked amazing. Crisp, sharp picture, realistic colors, etc. I was enjoying the movie until I got to a scene in which there was fluorescent tube lighting in his lab on the ceiling and it cast bright cobalt blue smears across the screen. I was like "*** IS THAT?!". Later, he was in the kitchen with lights behind him on an oven and again the light reflected off his head in bright cobalt blue. It was ridiculous. Then later in the scene when he's driving his wife and kid thru NYC at night there were police/fire/ambulance lights flashing and they were totally unrealistic, bright, blooming, bleeding retina searing red and blue. I played around with trying different picture settings and it was there in all other settings (Game, Movie, PC, Standard, etc)

I then put the Blu-Ray disc "IronMan 2" in. In the opening scene he jumps out of the cargo plane and flies down through fireworks explosions and I could see some dark scene blurring and ghosting which upset me. Then when he landed on the stage and the hot cheerleader chicks were dancing and the concert style lights were flashing all over it was the same exact issue. Everyone in the front row of the expo was a ridiculous, unrealistic shade of cobalt blue. It was disgusting. I'm ******! I played around with color temperature and color settings and couldn't make it go away.

Then last night we watched "American Idol" via Comcast HD. I saw the same issues with all of the stage lighting. Bright, unrealistic, blooming, bleeding blues and reds.

Now this TV has an INSANE amount of color settings to play with and I didn't spend a whole lot of time on it. I can definitely try again and spend some more time on it but I'm looking for your input and help.

You know, when this TV was in the showroom, they were playing a Sharp made Blu-Ray disc that showed off the advantages of RGB+Y which is supposed to give better, golds, sunsets, yellows and greens. I just realized that it had little to no red or blue in it.

SOOO, WHATCHU THINK? I'm seriously considering returning this set.


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There are no advantages to having RGBY. There is no yellow signal so the TV has to make it up from the RGB signals it receives for a start.


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I dont have this model but a LC40LE821 , which I would expect is similar. Straight out of the box the default settings are not good at all. You really need to spend time adjusting the settings to get the best out of this set, if your not into 'tweaking' then it may be better to return the set, however if you are you will be presented with a set that produces outstanding images.

These are the settings I use -

AV Mode = User
OPC = Off
Backlight = STD
Contrast = +30
Brightness = -10
Colour = +2
Tint = +4
Sharpness = +2

R = 0
Y = +5
G = +9
C = -4
B = 0
M = 0

CMS - saturation
R = -2
Y = -6
G = +6
C = 0
B = 0
M = 0

CMS - value
R = +2
Y = -8
G = +8
C = 0
B = 0
M = 0

Colour temp = Mid-High
R GAIN(LO) = +3
G GAIN(LO) = 0
B GAIN(LO) = -2
R GAIN(HI) = +3
G GAIN(HI) = 0
B GAIN(HI) = -2

Fine motion advanced - I set this to low to watch Footbal and off when watching anything else

Gamma Adjustment = -1

Film mode = off

Active Contrast = on

DNR = off

Range of OPC
MAX = +4
MIN = -1

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