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Sharp Aquos LC37XD1E Not Compatible !!


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Bought this TV from Bennetts Electrical and all was good, liked the picture and styling of set.
then bought SkyHD... Had major problems getting remote to work, changed box and remote(sky) still same. Long/multiple button presses to get response.
Turn TV off and all buttons work first time every time.

Why would this be happening, Bennetts helpline told me it was due to the frequency the TV operates is too close to the remotes signal. never heard of this before.

Anyways got a new tv, Sony kdl40w2000 and all works fine.
Preferred the Sharp though..


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I have got exactly the same tv and exactly the same problem. Was going to report it to sky as a faulty box before i read your post. Tried the turn the tv off trick, and yep sure enough sky box as responsive as you like.

Was your only solution to change the television, as like you i really like the styling, and i don't think i would be able to change it now anyway, i have had it for 4 months ( bought from Robert Whyte, not sure what thier exchange policy is ).

Has anyone got any suggestions on this ?? I know there must be some whiz kids out there.

On a seperate note, although conenet is limited what i have seen so far of sky hd & bbc quality is superb!!! ( :smashin: :smashin: for BBC Planet Earth . . . . stunning )


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It's been known that interference from Plasma and even LCD screens themselves (not the remote frequencies) can wash out the remote recpetion of the STV, you could try moving the box further away from the screen or using a TVlink eye as the remote receiver.


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Bennetts did say to try moving the satbox as far below and to the left of tv and see if that helps, i went one step further and disconnected the tv from sat altogether and moved tv to other end of room plugged in and still no luck (not even connected to sky). Spoke again to Bennetts and they offered to exchange tv for different make.

Not so HDReady after all...


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So is it a definate it will not work, I have the 42 XD1E and was thinking about upgrading to Sky HD but if its not going to work then there seems little point going for the upgrade.


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Just about to purchase the 52 inch of this LCD. Can anyone confirm if the same problem exists as will be getting Sky HD. Also has anyone tried to changing to an all in one remote (have the Kameleon 6 in 1) and did this help?

Bad Ju-JU

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I've got the 37XD1E and Sky tried 5 different boxes before the problem came to light through this forum (other threads exist). As I was pleased with the tv I bought a magic eye for £5 and connected that. I can actually place the eye on top of the Sky box at the rear and it works perfectly. The eye is not much of a problem against considering a different tv in my opinion.


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The problem seems to have disapeared for me now ( although i am not going to hold my breath that it wont come back ).

Only had sky hd since Friday, worked ok friday up until about 8 o clock, then saturday was no good, then since sunday morning its been fine. I will keep an eye on it and if it comes back i will post.

Should it come back, i will probably go down the eyelink route . . . . as i have only just moved into my first house, and don't think i can convince "the better half" to upgrade to a sony 40" :thumbsdow

Thanks for the advise though guys


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So is it a definate it will not work, I have the 42 XD1E and was thinking about upgrading to Sky HD but if its not going to work then there seems little point going for the upgrade.

I have the 42XD1E, and it works flawlessly with SKY HD, as did the 46XD1E and the 52XD1E before it....

Gene Hunt

I've also got this problem with the LC37XD1E.

I had the SKY HD box and remote control changed twice before I discovered that the tv was causing the problem.

I had the SHARPSERV (Sharp's service company) engineer out this week. It was the first time he had seen this problem. He changed the "Main AV PSU", but problem still exists. He then phoned around his colleagues and his HQ, but no one else had heard of this problem. He left the job open and is taking it up further with his HQ.

I would encourage you to contact SHARPSERV so that they are aware that this is a widespread problem. Phone number is 0870 738 0000.

It's a pity because it's a great tv.


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I had a similar problem with Sky (Sky+ on this occasion) and a DigiSender.

It turned out that the DigiSender was flooding the room with spurious Infra Red and jamming the IR signals from the Sky remote.

The Sky remote would work but I would sometimes have to press a button 4 or 5 times to get it to work. Turn the DigiSender off or unplug its IR sender and the Sky remote would work perfectly.

Never found an acceptable solution.

In my case the DigiSender has an IR output (for relaying on remote signals received over wireless) and I wouldn't have thought the TV should be emitting IR. But the end result is so similar.

BTW a good way to check for IR is to view through the viewfinder of a video camera. Look at a remote control whilst pressing its buttons and you will see the LED light up bright white. This is how I tracked down what the DigiSender was doing. You could try the same with the TV to see if any IR is being given off.



Gene Hunt

Latest update:

Called SHARPSERV ...... surprise surprise ...... they have no record of their engineer raising the issue after his call to my home. They h
ad seen the problem with another model and suggested moving the SKY HD box away from the telly. I and their engineer had already tried this, but it had no effect.

They then said that there was nothing else they could do because it was a compatability problem - they only fix tv's which don't work. They gave me Sharp UK's phone number.

The guy at Sharp UK Customer Service wasn't really interested. As far as he was concerned the TV works ok. He told me to talk to the retailer who sold me it and ask for a alernative replacement. I asked him if he was comfortable advising a customer to dump a Sharp product for a rival's product and he said "yes". I told him that I wouldn't purchase another Sharp product of any kind and his reponse was "OK".

I spoke to WebElectricals (retailer). Their Customer Care guy was really sympathetic and took all the details, but said that he'd have to take advice from his boss, who would speak with Sharp UK, before giving me a decision.
I don't hold out much hope for a replacement, particularly since I chucked out the packaging.

I have my SKY HD box connected to the tv via an HDMi cable. How does the Magic Eye/TV Link work ...... will I have to connect a coax also to the SKY HD box?



I had this problem with my LC37XD1E which I have documented in another thread. I found that the magic eye solution worked great for me and cost me less than £4.50 delivered from eBay.

You just plug the magic eye in the RF2 socket and enable it, it won't matter that your using HDMI and nothing else is plugged into the RF2 socket. Position it somewhere where the TV cannot also interfere with it, mine is on the floor below the sky box on the stand. You'll need to cover the IR receiver on the box, I tried a sticker at first but some signals where still getting through and so being processed twice. That wouldn't be much of a problem until it happens when you hit delete in the planner! Put an ornament or something in front of it, you might not be able to see the blue LEDs but that's probably a blessing as they're so bright.

Good luck.

Bad Ju-JU

Standard Member
Sky seem to have the same attitude as Sharp as they showed an intrest whne I said there was a thread on this forum and said they would get back to me but they didn't and when I re-contacted them they had no details of my conversation.

I gave up in the end and bought a magic eye. However, I can actually place mine onto of the sky box as it seems fine inside the IR field generated from the TV. I didn't even bother covering the Sky box IR sensor as signals still were getting through when I did. As previously mentioned you sometimes get double signals and this can be a pain especially when deleting but I put the KEEP protection (blue button) on the recordings and all new recordings come with the same Keep protection.

Gene Hunt

Further update:

WebElectricals contacted me and explained that they wouldn't be replacing my tv, but recommended that a universal remote, in place of the SKY remote, would do the trick. They had called Sharp UK, but they denied all knowledge of any reports of a compatability problem. To be honest, I never saw this as being the retailer's problem, however the WebElectronics guy's attitude was first class and, unlike SKY and Sharp, was interested in my issue.

I've just installed the Magic Eye and the remote works fine - thanks to everyone on the forum for the tips. However, this is only a workaround, not a fix, which cost ME. What have I learned from this:

- Don't expect any kind of aftersales service from SKY.
- Don't purchase any Sharp products in the future.


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Thought i'd revive an old topic with my finding of this problem.. I setup the SKYHD box with the LC37XD1E and had no problems with the SKYHD remote.

I was however having problems with the picture quality but thats another topic.

Whilst trying to get the picture working correctly I plugged / and unplugged various connections into the back of the sharp tv. During playing around with the connections the remote control suddenly started playing up.. very sluggish in response to the remote buttons being pressed..

This really peeved me off.. I only had SKYHD connected via HDMI into HDMI connection 5.

Anyway I tried all the settings on the tv and on the skyhd box but no joy.. I decided to just reconnect my other equipment to the box until the SKYHD people came to swap the HD box out for the picture problem. When I connected my PS3 to the other HDMI connection (6). Suddenly the remote control for SKY worked perfectly from all over the room.. I removed the ps3 connection and again the remote played up.

Now for me i'm very happy as long a SKY can sort my picture out.. but just though i'd let folk know how I got round the problem... obviosuly those without a PS3 or other HDMI input may be better simply getting the magic eye...but its a good excuse for a ps3 at least :)

p.s the ps3 was in standby during all my testing.. when the PS3 was switched on SKYHD still worked as expected.

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