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Hi, sorry for my english.

I just buy an Aquos GA4 LCD and when I run the auto setup no find TV chanels and I have connect a DVD player with a scart and no image at all.

Another question, TV shutdown firts time every 10 - 15 minutes and later every 3 - 5 minutes.

What I´m doing wrong?.



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Its not getting too hot is it? My display shuts itself down at a case ambient temperature of 40 degrees C.


Hi Ianh

No to hot. The temperatura room was about 20ºC

That’s what I don’t understand why happens this


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doesn't sound good... There is no other remote that could interfer with the sharp remote?

DVD Player output set to RGB? Screen input RGB aswell? used input 1 via scart on the TV and chosen input 1 with the remote? Maybe your Scartcable isn't RGB at all and you have to choose Fbas instead of RGB!

I had a 32GA4E for a few days and had none of the problems. My 32GD1E neither... only those hotpixel on both of them are anoying me... but my dealer is going to exchange my GD1E aslong as I have any of them :D


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Firstly the DVD player, does it do Progressive Scan ? If it does, is it turned off ? If it is on, this would probably block the signal from the SCART socket.

The the switching off problem. A couple of guys have had to call out the Sharp service team to replace their power supply unit in the TV because it kept switching off. This might be the problem and might also be affecting the signal scanning.

Call Sharp about this asap.


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