Sharp 60" LED v Samsung 59" plasma


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There has been some talk on here of the great deal on this LED

SHARP LC60LE636E 60" Full HD LED TV | Dixons |

I'm also considering this plasma

SAMSUNG PS59D550 59" Full HD Plasma 3D TV | Dixons |

There's not much difference in price.

I'm attracted by the cheapness of the LED and the energy efficiency - but worried about it's potential limitations.

I have another tv dedicated for home cinema so won't be watching much bluray and don't need 3d.

However this would be an every day TV to serve a large open plan room and as such I would require good viewing angles and it would need to handle motion well as this is where football would be watched.
There would also be some xbox 360 gaming here too.

My gut instinct says the plasma might be a better job but I WANT the cheaper and more efficient LED to be suitable.

I have not had the opportunity to see either as the stock selection in my local currys is poor.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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Also to give some idea of my expectations, this would be replacing an old Samsung ps42e7hdxi which we are happy with apart from the size.
Whilst I don't know the Sharp, and do have a Sammy 59D6900 myself. If it is a mainly day time TV, LED might not be a bad choice. It wouldn't be my choice for the Home Cinema but if IQ and True colours aren't the main concerns then it should be ok...

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