Sharp 50BL5EA headphones and tv speakers simultaneously


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we have recently buyed this sharp tv for an elderly and partially deaf person which needs headphones for watching tv comfortably. Problem is, when connected to the 3,5mm jack the tv speakers are muted. Before buying stuff for splitting the audio, I would like to know if the optical out is always active ore not because in the settings I have found that it is possible to set only "external audio system" or "TV speakers". Is there digital out when "tv speakers" is selected? Bluetooth devices are muting the tv speakers as well.

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Select “External audio system”, if the internal speakers mute then they will also be muted when the optical out is used.
I'm pretty sure the chassis used in this Sharp is also used in JVC, Hitachi and the budget Panasonic brands.


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Ok thank you, I'll give it a try this afternoon!
If they don't mute my idea was to use this DAC converter for the headphones DAC with volume control

Sure that even for optical out it has to be selected "external audio system"?
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Ok just made a test: selecting external audio system is NOT muting the tv speakers. Are we 100% sure it will stay like this even when connecting an optical device?


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Ok here comes the final feedback: with the DAC connected the speakers remain active! Grandma is happy and who watches the tv with her too.

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