Sharp 4k tv_55BJ21- Issue with lay out of Sat configuration


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My HD satellite receiver via HDMI shows pop up "[email protected] Hz" indicating this 4k tv doesn't upscale on HDMI feed. So bypassing the sat unit & direct "f cable" feed to the built in tuner, scan, load and yes, sharper images.
My issue is I can't find the configuration settings for categorizing my populated Fav lists. to say "Movie" or "Sports".
Also I can't find the settings for timed recordings.
Minor but very annoying. Been through Sharp support however they & the Quick start manual are no help. Assistance to configuring a Sharp 4k tv_55BJ21 appreciated!
maybe a link to the full instruction manual anyone...? No reference to it on the Sharp support site either.


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Thanks bossc, so the image from the HDMI feed is upscaled. Clear. Yet the image on the built in sat tuner is better. So deduction is the hardware/software on the tv is better than the Sat receiver. Am I getting there??

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Yeah. The source will always show what is being fed into the TV. The TV will always scale everything to fit the display.
It'll be self determination what looks best to you.


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Hmm...Self-determination allows people to feel that they have control over their choices and lives. Appreciate your help.

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