Sharp 46xd1e "Wide Modes"

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    Just wondering if anyone can help with an irritating problem that I am having with my Sharp 46xd1e television.

    When connected to my Sky+ box via ext 1 (Scart input) and watching a program the TV appears to jump between the different wide modes in particular "Full" and "cinema 14:9". This usually occurs when a program goes off and it the adverts come on, where the picture will be all over the place, putting different size black bars on the top and bottom of the picture depending on the scene being shown.

    I am not 100% that is definitely the TV that is causing the problem or the SKY+ box, but if I press the "Wide mode" button on my control I can see it moving from one to the other. I have been looking for a way to lock my picture to "Full" in the wide mode options to stop this doing it, but can’t find an option.

    I am under the impression that is auto sensing the input pictures and rescaling to suit.

    This problem is very annoying so if anyone can shed some light on this I’d appreciate it.



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