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Sharp 26/32/37P50E - What are they like at displaying NTSC?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs' started by nodabble, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. nodabble


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    I understand that the Sharp P50-series LCD TVs have panels that are designed specifically for PAL standard-def broadcasts and, hence, have a native resolution of 960x540.

    What I would like to know - before I go out and buy one - is what are these TVs like at displaying NTSC material, such as Region 1 DVDs? Is there any motion judder through PAL60 conversion or do they cope perfectly well?

    Also, one other question: What are these TVs like in 'smart' picture mode? You know... where a 4:3 picture is stretched to fill the entire screen but without making everyone look fat. My current CRT (a Tosh 36ZP18) does a good job in this area by slightly expanding the whole picture and also stretching the sides a little bit. The reason I ask is because there's still a lot of programmes that are broadcast in 4:3 and a cruddy 'smart' mode can be really off-putting.

    Hope some of you lucky P50 owners can answer my questions.

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