sharp 10k short throw lens


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Have you tried hunting on PriceJapan? While I was scouring them last night I came across a couple of lenses, not for Sharps IIRC but if they can get Panny's then Sharps should be doable. Since AIUI the mens system in the Sharp products have common components across the entire range and there are short-range versions of some then it would be reasonable to think that a shnort-range one for the Z10K would be obtainable.


i coudlnt see on pricejapan to be honest..... though every time i look all the pictures get muddled up which doesnt help!

I have to admit im being more tempted toward the nec actually.....if i did without the lens then there is a price differential of over £500..... maybe id be better with non anamorphic NEC but using sdi and iscan HD than the sharp with short throw and having to use my pc (or nothing).

god i hate living in a part of the country where i cant try things out!


Paul O Hale

South of the border, I demoed to customers sharp 10k, marantz s2, tw200, hs10, nec 1000 ,1100, sim domino, action model one and point five.
3 weeks from now the the dila hx1, 12k and possible s3!
there is no problem with this country and getting demos on new products


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I had mine (part number AN-W9Z) from PJ. Now sold with Z10k but was proper Sharp unit that screwed to the front of the lens. Here is the link. then click on the grey rectangle at the bottom of the page then the link 'Click' on the next page for the throw distances

Was about £430 all in, delieverd and took about 10 days. Speak to kaneda, he'll sort it for you.



id actually emailed you on a number of occasions previously and had no response, i take back my comments. How far south of the border are you? What are your thoughts on the action! model one?


thanks for that, i did think maybe you had had one :) The cost of that lens does kinda take the price alot higher than the ht1100..... i'll have to see what i can see!

many thanks


Paul O Hale

Dundalk is approx 50 miles from Belfast, in fact just finished an install in the city!
As to email replies..very unusual, all emails are generally answered quite quickly.
Better to see the Action in person, when you are able to! :D

Peter Parker

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What about a Prismasonic lens - the model that keeps the height the same, but increases the width? That way you get a bigger image without having to have the throw.

Only works with 4:3 pjs like the HT1000 though...



I would have half intended to use something of that type were i going to the ht1100, but annoyingly it really doesnt need it, its the sharp what does!

Options seem a bit like

1) HT1100 (maybe with a lens) and either retain my current processing or sell the pc and get an iscan HD

2) Sharp 10k with short throw lens, sell the pc, sell the sdi and get hold of one of the dvi players (or perhaps just something simpler since i know the 10k is said to have good deinterlacing and scaling)

if only one of the hdmi players was available right now id prob go sharp, but its not so easy without


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