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I purchased a Sharp Z10000 two months ago and, until recently, I was extremely pleased with it. It really is an excellent projector. A week ago, I started to notice a slight flicker (I had about 60 hours on the lamp). Having seen reference to this problem previously (after purchase I might add), I read all the posts and background to this problem and concluded that I needed to obtain a replacement lamp under the 90 day warranty.

I spoke to my retailer and explained all of the background with the result that they contacted Sharp UK and advised that they [Sharp] have agreed to replace the lamp under the warranty. I just need to fill in the warranty form and send it off.

Upon examining the form I find that I must send off my existing lamp with original proof of purchase. The form contains no contact details other than postal address or any explanation of the procedure. I was not given any reference number or contact name.

The warranty states that it only covers ‘failure caused by defects in design materials and workmanship on lamps fitted during the process of manufacture of the projector’. It also states that ‘the warranty does not cover failure caused by accidental damage…’ and ‘No responsibility will be accepted for claims lost, damaged, or delayed in the post’.

I’m naturally concerned therefore about dispatching such a fragile and valuable component as the lamp without more information about how this will be handled.

I’ve spent over 2 hours this afternoon trying to contact someone at Sharp who can give me some information. The closest I got was to speak to someone in Tech Support who said that they didn't know how that department [Lamp Warranty Claims] operated, couldn't give me a direct number as it didn't have one and when, exasperated, I asked how I was supposed to discuss the procedure with any Sharp employee, I was told 'tell me what you want to know and I'll email them'. The conversation went downhill from there.

Can anyone offer any wise words or advice as to how I should best progress this?


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in my experience having owned numerous panasonic AE100, sony hs10, and now hs20 i have also experienced this to some degree on all of them at some stage. with my hs20 this would happen fairly frequently in the first few hundred hours of the lamps life. i have not had the issue for at least a couple of hundred hours or so. I am now on 932. i don't know about the sharp, but i have always ran all the projectors i have owned on the economy setting, so as to give me the longer lamp life, what i have noticed is that if the flicker starts i can either, wait and it will eventually stop, but this could involve a long wait, or to get rid of it straight away (most of the time) just go in to the menu take the lamp to full power for a few seconds and then put it back to low, and voila its gone. i have a gut feeling that this is due to the lamp technology of today ie the way the lamp burns and movment of vapor, may be wrong, but when watching a film through a dvd player this slight flicker would not be noticed. it's more of an issue when like me you run through a HTPC and you are displaying a static image, because the slightest fluctuation in the lamp will become obvious straight away. if you are running in low just try stepping it up and see if you can still see the problem.

all the best.....Splice :thumbsup:


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Thanks for your thoughts Splice - appreciated. BTW, I'm not yet using an HTPC.

My primary concern was shipping my lamp off to an unknown destination with no apparent means of tracking it and no knowledge of the process to expect.

However, you make a very good, somewhat unsettling, point. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Firstly, the flicker that I've seen so far is not very noticeable with normal viewing of a movie. However, it is quite apparent when there isn't a lot of movement e.g. a music dvd. I first noticed it watching an interview on SKY a couple of weeks ago. The problem doesn't last long and is very intermittent; I checked for about 15 min or so recently and it happened 6 or 7 times with each lasting between 6 and 12 seconds.

As a complete novice I have no personal experience to draw upon. My concern is that this is an indication of a faulty lamp that becomes progressively worse until it is unwatchable and requires replacement at about 500-600 hours. I base this concern on other users experiences:

A magazine review here .

Other owners experiences (warning big thread) here

I have seen other threads reporting lamp flicker problems with the Marantz S2 projectors and to a much lesser extent the new S3. I'm sure that I saw a post somewhere that stated that Marantz had acknowledged a problem previously that was directly attributed to a faulty batch of Phillips lamps and were replacing them for affected users.

Marantz S2 flicker

Marantz S3 thread

I have also seen threads that suggest that lamp flicker is normal for the UHP lamp technology and that it will continue on and off throughout the life of the lamp whilst also gradually losing brightness. Replacement time will vary according to the quality and use of each lamp. There are other comments that suggest that a DC power source will reduce the flicker characteristic of these lamps which is why Marantz have introduced this on the S3. Not sure if Sharp have done the same with the 12000?

So, one is left wondering if some flicker is normal albeit not too noticeable, that this will continue throughout the useful life of the lamp until it either becomes unbearable, the lamp fails or the brightness falls off to an unusable level. The length of time for any of the above to occur will vary but should not be significantly less than the expected life. One presumes that a 90 day warranty is designed to address the unacceptably short life span.

If all this is true, aside from having to get used to the idea that some flicker is normal, how is one to judge what is normal/acceptable and what is excessive and therefore an indication of a sub-standard lamp?


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Did you try putting the lamp up to full, just to see if the flicker stops? just curious as what your describing does seem very similar to what i have been seeing on my machines.

all the best..Splice ;)


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Have seen the flicker on both settings. Flicker so far doesn't last long enough to see if switching makes a difference...and I'm quite happy about that ;)

Watched about 5 hours tonight and saw flicker once, again very briefly(few seconds). It's a minor niggle rather than an annoyance and is far, far outweighed by the excellent picture quality of this projector. :smashin:


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probably best to enjoy your pj for a while to see if the flicker settles down over a period of time. my guess is it will. and if not then worry about sending it in. in the past i have sent pj's in for faults, and therefore suffered its absence, only to find on the new one that it was not a fault after all. good luck with it mate. let us know what happens.

all the best.........Splice :smashin:
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