Sharky's Machine R1


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Does anyone know what the theatrical aspect ration for this film was?

I've just purchased on Ebay an old R1 copy (released 1998) and it is full screen. I was just trying to work out if it is an open matte copy, as it does not appear to have any obvious pan and scan attributes.

Rambo John J

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great movie... as for the aspect ratio... don't know, sorry:D

you have fine taste though, sir.

Apparently Anchor Bay have their mitts on Commando Leopard for a UK release.... slightly off topic, but news I know you'll appreciate:smashin:


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Good news indeed. Hopefully they'll release Codename Wild Geese too. The German copy of Commando Leopard is fine with a few extra scenes not in the UK release, but the German release of CWG was the German theatrical cuts which had some of the more violent scenes trimmed.

Back to Sharky's Machine, I'd hazard a guess that it was 1:85:1. The full screen disc doesn't seem to lose any important parts of the visual composition. Nor are there any obvious pans to accomodate what is displayed on screen. But I may be wrong.


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Just received and watched my R4 Copy of SM. Possibly one of Burt Reynolds best films. Dar Robinson excellent fall from the tower at the end is far to brief. I remember watching some sort of program like "Just Amazing", some sort american show, being shown on ITV a few years, after detailing the preaparation that went into this stunt. He was the king of the high fall. His best work was in "Stick" and "To Live And Die In LA".

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