Sharing USB Recorded Content (Wirelessly)


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I was wondering if any tv's yet are able to share content between each other?

For example my girlfriends father has about 8 TV's in his house and bought them all at the same time for a new house and installed a matrix to switch the inputs around the house.

I wonder if its possible to have TV's record like a PVR would (feature in most smart TV's now, especially samsungs). But then either:

- Share the content stored on a usb stick wirelessly to other tv's around the house (Samsung allshare? DNLA?)

- or Record to a network hard drive? (NAS) and then allow the content to be accessible from any smart tv on the network?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Can it be done NOW with Samsung allshare/dnla smart tv's?


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Oh and I think that I saw that some Loewe TV's can do it, but can any others?

I will try and find a link...

I found this in my Loewe Catalogue (I look at the design :p )

and found this on their online catalogue

"How do you pause a live TV programme if you are interrupted –
and then simply continue watching it later, perhaps on a second
television in another room? Do you need to burn DVDs and then
carry them through the house? Why not be inspired instead
by new Loewe DR+ Streaming. It makes the Loewe DR+ hard
disk recorder even more intelligent and convenient; giving
you immediate access to your recordings via the network,
throughout the home and, with the Follow-me Function, it allows
you to take them from one room to the next.

Someone is glued to the live football game in the living room –
and pauses the penalty shoot-out with the Loewe DR+ to
get another drink, without missing a second. At the same
time, someone else can be in the bedroom watching a film
that was recorded the evening before on the main device in
the living room. Or else someone wants to get into bed with
their favourite series – simply press pause in the living room
and continue in the bedroom. It doesn't get any easier! The
connection is via LAN, Powerline or wirelessly via WLAN –
making the centralised Loewe DR+ archive available on all
connected televisions. The new compact all-rounders, the
Loewe Connect 22 and 26, for example, are perfectly suited to
reception of Loewe DR+ Streaming – as is any other networkenabled
Loewe television. And with the new Loewe Assist
Media app, Loewe DR+ recordings are now even available on
the Apple iPad.

Simply everything, everywhere – with Loewe DR+ Streaming
and Loewe Multiroom, you can live independently of time and


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