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sharing two sky boxes with multiple tvs


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I hope someone can help with this challenege. I currentyl have this set up:
Sky HD connected to an Amp, and then via HDMI to TV 1
Sky SD connected to a splitter and then to TV2, TV3 and TV4 around the house.

This means that TV2, TV3 and TV4 all have to watch the same channel. What I would like to be able to do is to take the signal from the SKY HD box and distribute that to TV 2/3/4, and allow users of each of those TVs to choose which sky box they watch, and also to controk them.

So the viewer of TV4 needs to be able to watch a programme from either sky box, and change channel on that sky box without changing the other one. I hope I have explained that clearly.

I wonder if the Global SPC4 Global SPC4 Super Plus Combiner might do the job.
many thanks for any help....


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You can certainly set up both Sky boxes to output their analogue signal on a different frequency to any terrestrial channels - and a different frequency to each other. Then, as long as you are sending the output via RF2 from both boxes to a distributor, and as long as the distributor is used to feed all remote television sets, all TVs will be able to pick up the output from both Sky boxes.

How you go about changing channels using Magic Eyes for two different boxes - I'm afraid I've no idea about that.


In memoriam
The global combiner already linked allows individual control of more than 1 sky box using magic eyes.


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Thanks Graham
Have I understood you correctly - the signal splitter i use will work with inputs from both boxes? That means, as per Broadz posting, I need to ensure that the two boxes are outputting different frequencies so that I can tune 2 seperate analogue channels on each TV. I will also presumably need two different remotes in each room, correct?
If this is right, how do i go about setting the RF2 outputs to seperate frequencies?
Many thanks

Stevenage Neil

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More to the point, how does the poor person sat in the lounge, (or wherever), get to decide what he, or she, wants to watch?


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It's all very complicated! Currently, HD box just connects to main TV. Our bedroom and the Nanny's bedroom are on the second box, so we can't both watch TV at the same time unless it's the same channel. So, I want to be able to watch the HD box in our bedroom if the nanny is watching the other box in her room. BUT, if wife has gone to bed to watch eastenders on second box, I can still watch HD Box on Main TV. The only scenario which my plan doesn't cater for is all 3 of us in sepertae rooms watching different channels! Can't have everything I guess!
Can anyone tell me how to set the frequencies that each box is outputting via RF2, and whether my current splitter is likely to be able to handle magic eye signals to two different sky boxes?

Stevenage Neil

Distinguished Member
To change RF output channel you need to enter the Installers, hidden, menu:

On the SD box press Services/4/0/1/Select - Don't look at the screen just hit the buttons as stated. When you change the channel be sure to Save.

On the HD box press Services/0/0/1/Select

If you connect your terrestrial aerial to RF In on either of the Sky boxes you will also distribute the Freeview/Analogue terrestrial signal allowing SWMBO to watch Eastenders via Freeview!


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Followed your instructions last night, and found found the RF2 output channel setup for SD box, but couldn't find it for HD box. Got the engineer setup page, but nothing that allowed me to set RF2 output.
Does the HD box output an RF2 signal as standard? In which case, presumably i can connect it to the TV and do an auto tune (assuming that as a default the RF2 is not tuned to the same channel as the SD box....)
ANOTHER question - if both SD and HD boxes are connected via a junction and then single COAX to the TV, and I am using a magic eye, presumably regardless of whether I am watching the SD or HD box, changing channel will change both sky boxes, as the magic eye signal will be passed back to both RF2 connections.....which will be annoying!
Thanks for your help.


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Did you ever get this sorted? I'm looking at doing the same thing, splitting both sky+ and sky HD+ to 6 TVs. I need to be able control both sources from all locations, i have a distribution amp which is hard wired to all locations, I'm looking at 'magic eyes' but will i be able to link these through the distibution amp so i can change both the + box and HD box from anywhere?



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