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I live in a new build house with a TV coax socket in the living room and in master bedroom. I investigated the setup in the loft and found it's a one in two out system, one being the aerial and the two out being the wall sockets via a coax splitter using screw on F connector (as in those used on virgin media input and sky dish).

I disconnected the aerial and splitter then joined the 2 socket coax cables together with an F type coax coupler thus linking the TV aerial sockets together. I've researched youtube videos and so on. I was thinking of using a DVB-T RF modulator.

The method is to split the HDMI on the sky box 2 way with an adaptor so it can then be connected to the living room TV and to a DVB-T coaxial modulator as well. The modulator then gets connected to the TV wall socket in the living room which has been directly connected to the other tv socket in the master bedroom.

The modulator sends a DVB-T single and my LG tv in the bedroom with it's build in freeview hd tuner can then be tuned into the SKY box downstairs. I currently share it via a 5.8ghz one for all wireless video sender but that's only standard definition. The wireless HDMI senders are pretty expensive and don't perform very well according to reviews and research.

I was originally hoping to run an ultra long HDMI cable with booster device to share the sky upstairs but that's quite inconvenient. We have an older SKY HD box from late 2013 which has scart and composite video which is how the video sender's transmitter is connected.

I had discovered though in the settings menu of the SKY HD box the scart output can be changed to "RGB" which if I'm not mistaken means component video which is analogue still but can actually output in HD.

My LG 4K smart TV, a recently bought 2020 model has component video and composite inputs with RCA audio. If there was such a device (there isn't) as component a/v over coax then a receiver demodulating back to component A/V, I could then use the RGB on my TV and get an HD signal that way although it's analogue. That's if the sky box can actually output HD via RGB mode on the scart.

Any help and advice appreciated!!!


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RGB from the scart socket is not HD, and is not fitted to Sky Q so as soon as your HD box fails and gets replaced you will need to look at another solution anyway. If you want HD distribution then stick to a modulator that includes “magic eye” support for IR control from the remote TV, or look at an HDMI splitter with HDBaseT extender set. If and when you get Sky Q then both solutions can be used if you don’t want to have a Q Mini/multi screen setup which would allow independent viewing at the remote TV without the need for any additional HDMI distribution.

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