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Hi Everyone,

I have a Sony KD-55X8509C and I am having an issue with the shared Component/Composite input.

I have a lot of old gaming consoles so this input is useful for me, however some consoles use the Composite, others use Component.
As my TVs have always been wall mounted I bought a Male to Female Composite extension cable to make plugging in different consoles easier.

On my old LG TV this worked fine. The TV showed both Composite and Component as different Source options and I simple chose whichever one I had plugged in.

But on my new (to me) Sony TV it only shows Component as a source option. This works fine for the Component Consoles but the Composite ones give me a Black and White image.

I am guessing this is because the Sony TV is looking for the rest of the video signal from the other two inputs.

My fear is that the TV selects Composite or Component automatically based on what it 'senses' are plugged physically into it, not by a user choice or 'sensing' a signal.

Can anyone please help confirm this or offer and help or advice on what I might be able to do about this? Is there a menu setting buried somewhere deep? The TV can clearly understand both types of input I just need to understand how it decides and if I can influence that somehow.
Obviously I don't want to keep pulling the TV away from the wall to plug them in in different ways!

Many thanks everyone!


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Select the AV2 input for Composite video.

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the reply but it unfortunately doesn't help.

The only way I can get the image to display correctly when using a Component device is to unplug the Red and Blue Video cables on my Composite Extension Lead. This is a pain in the arse!
So was hoping there was a way to tell the TV which input to use, Component or Composite.

Do you see what I mean?

Thanks :)



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You could always have the composite completely independent by using a scart to RCA Phono adaptor in the AV1 scart socket.


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You could always have the composite completely independent by using a scart to RCA Phono adaptor in the AV1 scart socket.

That could work! Will pursue that if I can't find a solution through the shared Composite/Component input. It's frustrating as my older TV could do this! 😑

Thanks for your idea!

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