Shameless Plug!


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People will probably not have heard of this artist, but he is touring the UK and is well, well worth going to see. ( I have no connections whatsoever by the way, just a fan)

Guitar based modern blues, usually just a guitarist who does vocals and a drummer.

Dates and venues Here Click on Gigs :D

I'm going to the show in Stourbridge on 29th February!

Can't wait!

Rambo John J

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Crikey, he's playing up the road from me in Northampton Wed 22nd Jan. Might have to give him a look. Busy week if I do - him, then Nik Turners Space Ritual on the Friday and Jah Wobble the following Monday.

I hope I don't burn out:D


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I can't see them being bad, I saw them at a festival last year and they were absolutely superb.......just wish i could see 'em sooner


Blimey hes at the local Rugby Club in Darlington.

28. Friday Darlington Rugby Football Club, Grange Road, Darlington Tel 01325 363777

Been recommended by Les Wolstenholme of Avondale fame, theres a man who knows how to make an amp sing.

Rambo John J

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The gig's on tonight. Not sure I'll be able to make it now as my lady and me had a bit of a barnstormer in the car this morning - lots of foul language and name calling (from her, not me:rolleyes: ) so I don't think we'll be off out tonight.... might just go without her though.

I knew I shouldn't have offered her a lift


Originally posted by Rambo John J
The gig's on tonight. Not sure I'll be able to make it now as my lady and me had a bit of a barnstormer in the car this morning -
They seem to be able to sense when you want to go out in the evening (even if it's not been discussed) and then, somehow, engineer these little 'moments' to ensure it doesn't happen :(


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Just leave her at home steaming mate, she may have had a really good day and be in a better mood tonight though, you never know!

But, one thing, make sure you go! :)

Rambo John J

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Never made it, world war 3 broke out when I got home from work last night. All's not well in the Rambo household.

Sods law says he probably played a blinder.

Dave N

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Steve - did you manage to listen to anything on the "music" page? - I assume clicking on one of the trhee tracks would download some music but it just seems to lock my session up...?
Looks interesting though


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Hi all,

Its a small world and getting smaller.... read this post and as I am into blues music thought I take a look. Followed stevegreens post for gig dates and looks up CD purchase and send an e-mail for purchase information and guess what the contact address is only the next street but one to me...:D .. and I never heard of the artist before.:blush:

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