Shame about the price........ :(

Looks cool. I imagine for a professional it would make sense, coupled with a Wacom tablet in the dominant hand. I expect you'd need a couple of days to build the muscle memory then it would be second nature.

I've used dedicated peripherals for 3D design (3Dconnexion : Home the first impressions people always had were "you could use a mouse more easily" and they were "too expensive".
Then they'd watch one of us using one in concert with the mouse working about 4x faster than using the mouse alone. If you stuck with it for a couple of working days you got quick and couldn't do without it.
The same is true of graphics tablets, they take some learning and it's really tempting to grab the mouse as it feels so slow but if you watch a graphic designer on a tablet you appreciate the pay off from pushing through the initial awkwardness.

I don't think it's excessively expensive for a pro tool but it's steep for the rest of us. If it's built for continous every day use then it's probably worth the money - to some.
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A dj controller can be used to accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the cost.
Looks to be basically the same, a usb/midi controller with a massive mark up.

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