Shallow Loudspeaker Enclosures - Help needed !


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Hi all,

I've also posted this on DIY - thought the "loudspeaker" community might also be able to help here.....

My set up has wall mounted front L & R and Centre speakers but they are quite bulky - big black boxes on the wall around my 7ft screen are quite ugly - my HC is also out sitting room. We don't mind the screen on the wall mind you !

By the way, I've read disparaging remarks by the audiophile community on other forums about wall mounted speakers - I'm not fussed (and probably not as discriminating as some) - I would just like shallow enclosures which could be made to blend in.

I would like to build new speakers in very shallow enclosures hopefully 2" - 3" deep and would like to know if anyone has done this already, or knows of a design on the web which would assist.

I'm aware that there are "in-wall" speakers available but I'm really anxious to build them myself (also read: skint - just splashed out on PJ !)

Good luck

Sean G.


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Bump !

Can anyone out there help/comment ?

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