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Hi people am new to all this so please bear with me, I have just bought a brand new Phillips 9617 32 inch pixel plus Tv, I have it connected to a sky Digi box via scart, a sony vidoe via scart and a sony dvd/amp (DAV S800 ) this is connected to the Tv with a good quality S video lead.
All is well except when you watch some stuff that has a dark background two dark shadow lines become visible on the TV one is about 3 inches in from the left side of the screen and the other about 3quarters the way accross the screen from the left side, both run vertically and are about 3 inches wide.
These become annoyingly visible especially with a DVD such as Harry Potter or ET which are quite dark atmospheric films.
I have alreadt sent the tv back and it was replaced with a new one but the result is exactly the same so surely it cant be the TV, can it? All cables ect have been checked and are of good quality. Any ideas???
I would presume that because the problem is exactly the same as your previous one it could be your other hardware; as each new set generally brings its own unique (albeit sometimes similar) glitches. Possibly do the most basic of tests and connect one product at a time.. i.e *just* DVD SCART.. then test .. and so on, and see if you can discover what combination is causing the problems.

I had a 9617 delivered on Xmas Eve and have been thoroughly pleased with the sets performance bar the fact it was delivered with two small ‘deep’ cuts on the very top of the set (near the control panel). I am waiting on a delivery of a new set today (Saturday) .. I just hope that I don’t get one with any problems in terms of geometry, etc..

I found that in the first few hours of getting the set.. to possibly the next day, I was forever raving about the quality of the picture compared to one of the older 32” WS Philips models. The quality of NTL Digital + Films was outstanding. Antz, The Mummy, etc.. were just jaw breakingly good in terms of delivering an exceptional picture. You soon get spoiled by the quality though, and begin to take the set for granted..


Hi Digitalsauce,
Good luck with the set as it really is very good, I have just searched the site (which I didnt know I could do an hour ago) and have found that there are numerous people who appear to be suffering the same problem as myself.
When you get the set i will be interesterd to hear if you can spot these bars as others can. Try a DVD like harry P or ET and see if you can spot them.

Good luck
Originally posted by jon140francis
Hi Digitalsauce,
Good luck with the set as it really is very good,
Well, my 2nd set came and unfortunately had the very same "deep cut scratches" to the top of the set, which indicates that it is a 'batch' problem (being in the same position)! I am going to see into getting this set replaced on Monday, more so because (and this is a little upsetting seeing the picture quality of the first set) that there is *major* *major* pixelation on almost viewed channels. Its like watching a bad MPEG.. The display is simply appaling.. I couldn't (and still can't!) believe my eyes...

I'm off to do a search to see if anyone else has had this pixelation problem.. fortunately this set is also down for a replacement, so I don't need to get too upset at the thought of arguing on the phone.. I can only hope that the 3rd set has the same quality of picture as the first..

Think yourself lucky that you only have black-bars to worry about! I can just imagine some poor buggers taking receipt of a 9617 with this kind of picture and thinking its the norm.. and not doing anything about it until its too late! The text is blurry / out of focus.. I can't bare to look!! :mad:

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