Shadow lines on LCD TV


Brian Beel

JVC 26" LCD Flat TV LT=26C31BUE series

Shadow lines have appeared on the screen. The main one is slightly curved, about 1" thick and 18" long horizontally about 2/3rds up the screen. Two fainter ones are about 4" above and below this.

When the screen is dark the shadows are very noticeable - when bright white, they can hardly be seen.

They appear on the screen whether viewing TV or DVDs. Any idea what is causing this and how can they be eliminated?


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After about 6 months a faint black line running vertically down the middle of my Tosh appeared. Like yours very noticeable on darks scenes, hardly noticeable in bright scenes.

I waited as long as I could to get an engineer out because I had a feeling they would take it and it would take ages to fix leaving me without a TV.

The engineers came and said it is fixable but it will take about a week.

Today is 1 week since they took it so I phoned them for an update. Surprise surprise they are waiting for a part (the entire LCD panel) and they cant tell me when it will arrive.

I could have drove to Tokyo myself and got a new panel by now. Wonder how long I'll be waiting, I'm sure it would be here much faster if it was there TV that needed repairing.

I'm getting tired of this 17inch monitor and 27inch crt TV hahah.

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