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I would like to get my sunroom decorated but need to check which paint would be suitable in my case. It needs freshening up and since I have a HDR capable LG OLED it would be good to have something that does not detract too much from a good experience. Ideally the room would be black, but as it's a family room and I'm already "in the dog house", so a lighter shade will be needed as a compromise. This isn't great news for viewing HDR as the TV panel brightness is already maxed out and you need a dark environment. The hope is a darker shade that's not too reflective would make a noticeable difference compared to the current magnolia walls and white silky finish ceiling. I save HDR for evenings with the light off, curtains and door closed. DTM helps HDR10 and Cinema Home for Dolby Vision, otherwise it's a step too dark with outdoor shots looking overcast. There is a adjustable D65 light strip at the back of the TV that I sometimes use set to 20%.

From searching the forum Dulux Gallant grey 30BB 16/031 was recommended as mentioned on this webpage. Unfortunately after buying a tester, putting some on paper and hanging it on the wall it looks too dark. The walls and ceiling would be okay for home cine with the lights off but too dark with them on. It looks like a lighter shade of flat matt grey would be a better compromise. Perhaps not good enough for full HDR effect which I'm starting to give up on, but darker than what we have now at least and not very reflective, the silky white ceiling can't be doing me any favours. I wonder if there's a suitable paint for all the surfaces or is it better to paint the ceiling and walls different colours



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Similar position to me, I am about to paint my white room and struggling on a colour (or colours!) choice. My room also doubles up as a bit of a play room during the day but I'm leaning towards some darker shades. I don't want to paint it too light and regret it.

I'm looking at Dulux Bowler Hat (maybe as a feature wall or ceiling) and Natural slate. This the is the look I'm hoping to acheive.



Bowler -
bowler hat.jpg

Natural Slate -

2 natural slate.jpg

Or maybe light walls and a dark ceiling



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Natural slate looks good, I happened to order a tester in that colour last night along with Chic Shadow and Deep Fossil. It's an interesting idea having a darker shade on the ceiling, I assume it will help with reflected light from the TV. In the meantime I'll to make some small repairs to the walls if possible.


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I have Dulux ‘Urban Obsession’ on my floating wall, though it’s a feature wall paint and I’m not sure if it’s available in larger tins. To my eyes it’s very slightly lighter than it appears in this photo.

Excuse the mess underneath, we're virtually living in here as our house is a building site at the moment!



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I've tried testers of just about every dark to mid grey matt paint available from the Dulux Decorator centre over last few months. Literally hundreds of pounds spent on paint alone and have had 30+ colours up on the wall! :rolleyes:

This is what I wish I'd known before starting...

The darkest Dulux colours are all mixed from a deep base colour and this makes them much more reflective, just like the black in the pic above. For me the solution was the darkest grey mixed from a medium base, which is Dulux "Thunderclouds". This looks much lighter when the room is normally lit, but actually darker with less reflection in very low light, so best of both worlds.

The paint finish also effects the level of light reflection. Their "Durable flat matt" is harder wearing than their normal "Vinyl Matt" but the "Durable" paints are mixed from the deep base, even on mid greys, so all look reflective despite having a matt finish.

So after much testing I've found the mid grey "Thunderclouds, Vinyl Matt" to be the best solution. Note this isn't a hard wearing finish and is quite easily marked, which is one downside. There are other Dulux greys that look darker, but they're also much more reflective. The "Thunderclouds" paint is only available from the Dulux Decorator centres as it isn't available "off the shelf" and has to be mixed to order. Around £65 for 5L but you get the £5 cost of the test pot refunded if you buy the full size can.

When watching a movie in blacked out room, the Thunderclouds paint next to the screen only looks very slightly lighter than the black border on my screen, yet looks perfectly acceptable for a normal living room in the light. It's still a relatively dark grey though, so I used a lighter grey for the ceiling.

Bit of an update from me, I found this brilliant post by @cynix and many others from him of what he went through trying to find exactly what I'm looking for, and I've settled on Thunderclouds in the vinyl matt finish.

I have decided to go with this colour theme, and just need to decide on the ceiling colour. Dark walls lighter ceiling


Dulux recommends pairing with Grey Whisper or Night Jewels 4, I'm worried one is too light and the other is too dark?



I ended up just re-doing the ceiling in dulux thunderclouds the same as the walls, as the ceiling near the screen was still too bright and distracting with reflections from the screen.

That made the seating area a bit too dark for normal room use, so I added an LED strip to the top of each rear speaker to uplight the ceiling and now it's perfect, as you can see in the 2nd pic. I also painted that white lamp (1st pic) in black and replaced the shade with a black one.

Once you get the room dark enough you start noticing 1 or 2 things which are highlighted during a movie... so those lamps were sorted out and also a white plastic room thermostat on the wall was painted black/grey. The electric fire on the wall in the 1st pic was shiny aluminium so that got spray painted black too, with enough paint left over to do the lamp bases. Oh and the lamp on the side table (2nd pic) got hot glued to the table surface, as a previous one got smashed when nudging the table in the dark! :)


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Looks like exactly the colour I'm after thanks for all your pre-painting efforts!

I think I'm going to keep my coving and skirting white to break it up a bit


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It's a great looking room, one to enjoy with a beer and a movie. I like the look of dulux thunderclouds, trying out a handful of their other grey shades at the moment, will have to pick up a thunderclouds tester.

Mulling over a darker shade for the far wall behind the TV at least and a lighter shade for the rest of the room. The ceiling could be a pain with white silky finish to cover.

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Well it's dragging on with this house of horrors...., finally got some Dulux natural slate for the walls and ceiling. They didn't have gallant grey for the feature wall. Realised after getting home that it's matt paint, but not 'flat' matt which would have been better for it's low reflectivity. Would much rather 'flat' matt in natural slate and gallant grey but can't find any in stock online yet. Having said that it's does mention flat on the Dulux webpage for the matt natural slate I've bought? Dulax matt is advertised as thick paint, I assume it's the same for flat matt?
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I recently updated my lounge and used Charcoal Drift on the main part of my media wall (and also my chimney breast) after seriously considering Cannon Ball and Bowler Hat. I'm pleased with the colour as it contrasts well with the alcoves. It's a satin finish. I am going to raise the TV height though and will use a strip of aged oak underneath to cover the hole where the cables disappear into the inside of the wall. It will then balance better with the oak beam we added as a mantle to the chimney breast.


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Just be aware with dark colours...well in my experience.... especially if it gets a lot of light on it can look patchy
Just done a room after having french doors put in a darkish blue colour .

Ended up putting 4 coats on....the wall gets the light had 5 !...and it can still look patchy in places when the light catches it

Just be prepared to use more paint than you thought you would ...and use a long piled roller

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