SH3 any better than SH2 in modem mode?


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sorry, I know there are lots of discussions about this but I wanted to ask specifically about changing to the SH3 if everything is running sweet with the SH2.
I recently got a Netgear Nighthawk, and my WiFi speed averages 26MB/s, as does my LAN connection. This is with the SH2 and a Vivd 200 contract. Very happy.
Ive just received a SH3 and not sure if I should mess with what is already working perfectly.
Is there any advantage to me chainring the hubs over? I’d only use it in modem mode anyway, and as far as I can see i won’t get any faster broadband.


If you do get a SH3 I always do this for faster speeds as by default the bandwidth is restricted by VM.

Log into Hub3
Go to Advanced Settings, Wireless, Wireless Signal, Scroll Down, Tick "Disable Channel Optimization"
Now scroll back up and in the 2.4Ghz section make sure that 20/40Mhz is selected (dropped down)

And in 5Ghz select 20/40/80Mhz, this will open up your bandwidth and you will get better speeds, apply changes, you can also put channels to manual and change them to a better channel, I use a phone app for WiFi analysis and connect to each channel in turn and then change to a better channel for me on 2.4Ghz channel 13 is better and on 5Ghz I use channel 44

And I also change my SSID so I will have the channels totally separate, so for example if I have one SSID that I can see called VM09090653 I would log into the Hub3 and change it to VM09090653-2G and VM09090653-5G respectively and then I my password/passphrase was sJ8kMlJ09g I would change each SSID's passphrase to sJ8kMlJ09g2G and sJ8kMlJ09g5G respectively under Advanced Settings and Security.

You have to change the passwords for 2G and 5G as the SH3 won't let you have the same password for each signal unless you enable the guest account then disable it, but I prefer my method for myself.

And to be fair I would use the new equipment unless you are gaming because of the Intel Puma chipset debacle, Modem mode all the way though.

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