SGH-U600 MicroSD card please!


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Hi all, I have a Samsung SGH-U600 and just got 2 SanDisk 128 MB microSD cards to use with it. However, no such luck so far...

Upon insertion, the cellphone will indicate "Memory card inserted" ...OK
Then, selecting the following has these results:

A) My files => Memory card results in "Unrecognised. Format?"
Pressing yes will result in "Formatting" message for 1 sec., then "Failed"

B) Memory status => Memory card option is disabled, the choice is greyed out.


Alternatively, if I have the memory card inserted before I turn the cellphone on, the following occurs.

A) My files => Memory card will result in "Unable to add default folder. Root directory full."
This is followed by the Memory card screen which shows "empty."

B) Memory status => Memory card option, when selected, causes the phone to revert to the startup screen, then "Please wait" and then back to the default screen.


I have also tried connecting the cellphone via USB cable to the PC and selecting Mass Storage mode. The cellphone states "Connected to PC" and the "Do you want to format?" window comes up on Windows. When I select "Yes" the formatting begins, but shortly after follows with "Windows cannot complete the format."

However, the microSD cards work fine with the PC when connected via USB port and microSD/SD card reader; they can be formatted successfully when connected in such a way, using FAT32 and/or FAT structure. When I select "Yes" for formatting on the PC with the card connected directly via the USB card reader, the formatting via Windows occurs successfully.

The PC formatting does not change the problems when the card is inserted into the cellphone however. Instead, the same scenarios apply as stated above. As before, each time the cellphone is used to format the card, it fails...and then when connected directly to the PC it requires reformatting again. In each case I then reformat using the PC, and the card can then be accessed by the PC but as in any case thus far, not by the cell. And so on.

Using the PC, I am able to confirm the card is not full as the cell error messages claim, I also have been able to make a folder and add a few photos and a test mp3 file, and remove them. However in each case the cellphone does not recognize either of the two cards (the above scenario is the same for both cards).

Is there a firmware issue? Are these SanDisk 128 MB cards simply incompatible? Why does the cell restart? Any suggestions would be appreciated...thanks in advance for any help.

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