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hi all :)

just got a quick question i was hoping you could help me with :thumbsup:
as some of you may know, i've been looking to get an xbox for quite some time now, but many factors have prevented me from 'splashing out'...its currently looking much more likely that will be able to go ahead and finally purchase [:cool:]
unfortunately, the issue of style has come in to play ;), as ever! lol :blush: and the deal i'd lke to get is the 139.99 one with a black xbox console, one controller s, halo, midtown madness 3, rainbow six 3 and xiii. having seen the crystal, i'm now having doubts :rolleyes: i looked into it a little further and realised that there was a white one released in japan :cool: and was wondering if i went ahead and got the above deal would i be able to buy a replacement case for my new console? a white one would be nice :devil: i don't mind too much taking it apart etc as i'll be fitting a mod chip [and possibly a new hard drive...] anyway so that wouldn't be a prob.

i apologise if this has already been covered but i did a search and it only came back with threads regarding replacement cases for the games...

as a side note...would it also be possible to buy white controllers to match? ;)

many thanks!


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I would assume that tis would be the same therory as changing cases on a pc which is possiable but if you are thinking of modding a box you should make sure it is a switched chip because your gonna want to use it online at some point and as
M$ use a sniffer prog which senses and modded xboxes and canx your suscription

trust me you will want to use XBOX live
for the other dimesion of gaming



Would a skin be another option ? Have not seen any replacement cases about ,but then I've never looked:p


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thanks for the replies :smashin:
UncagedTyphoon: thats exactly what i'll be doing :) i've heard so many good things about xbox live that i'll have to at least try it ;)
johnscarlet: skin? by that, do you you mean stickers? sorry if thats a stupid question but i'm not 100% sure what you mean :blush: if that is what you are refering to, i would prefer a complete case. as you say though, not too sure if they even exist :eek:

any clues anyone?



Yep basically stickers , do a search in the console forums and you'll find some links , probably not quite what your looking for but maybe an option ?

G a f f e r

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if you go onto e-bay, there's is a chap there selling cases (and controllers) which are crystal cases containing hibrite blue leds that light up when you switch the xbox on------ (he's probably been reading Max Power :D)


if you mean getting M$ crystal shell to transplant your Xbox gut, no they won't sell you one. Saying that we managed get our hand on crystal green shell to put our US Xbox inside with 240VAC PSU.

Unless you are repairers don't think you can get the replacement shell(i could be wrong though) and even that will cost you a lot considering we are talking about M$ here. :p



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thanks for your replies, again :smashin:
ah ok...stickers...not really what i had in mind, but thanks all the same :)
the sound of the 'max power' ones kinda scares me :blush: :rotfl: so i'd better pass :laugh:
i wasn't too concerned whether it was an 'official' case as such [although that would be nice...] but seeing the white one just makes me want it...having read a little more in to it though i have discovered that only 1000 were made! so that makes them, well, as rare as rocking-horse **** :zonked: so the idea of the replacement case still sounds like a cool idea to me, but perhaps it will have to stay a cool idea as i'm not having much luck in my searches.
i just know the second i bite the bullet to buy an xbox...bam they'll announce some funky white one for the uk market with four controllers and terrabyte of hd space etc ;) lol

anyway, again thanks for all your help

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