Severe Jaggies


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At least I think they were but don't think I've ever seen them before so can't say for sure.

This happened last night. Switched on (out of standby) the HD box and noticed on both SD and HD channels that the image, particularly on fast moving stuff, was all jagged around the edges of objects. I assume this was to do with some problem with interlacing at 1080i. I fiddled around and eventually took the box back into and out of standby and the problem went away!

Anyone else had this problem?


I've had all sorts of video problems when coming out of standby, even pink pictures :D


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I must admit when it was first installed iIcouldn't understand why it seemed so many people were having problems when my box appeared to be behaving perfectly.

Recently though things have been starting to go a bit weird, the box inexpicably went into standby a few days ago and refused to come out until I rebooted!

I am getting a little nervous.....


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The other night while watching BBC1 via HDMI from the Sky HD box, I noticed that the picture was slightly jerky, a bit like the jerky image you get when watching streamed video over the internet but not as pronounced as that.
Rebooting the Sky HD box fixed it but it's just another fault to add to the ever growing list of problems.


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I had a channel not available error on channel 4, i reset box and when it came back only displayed a blank blue screen.... had me very worried took 3 resets to get it back on again properly. not a happy bunny as it was my first real problem with the box since i got it in May.
If it does it again then its getting a Sky bod out time, I missed the F word, and was using a few myself.


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In a bid to out-do the others, my box made a very loud electrical 'pop' a few nights back.

I was watching a recorded programme at the time. The picture froze for a few seconds then the box turned off. As you'd imagine, I thought that was the end of that. I decided I may as well see if it would turn back on - as I went over to the box I could smell eletrical burnyness - I pressed the on button and on it came 'scanning for listings'.

It's worked fine ever since!

Tony Hoyle

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Sounds like the pioneer-nuking-device went off prematurely :)

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