Several Freeview channels are suddenly showing a NO SIGNAL message


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Actually the aerial is perfectly upright with no sagging, its just that I photographed it from the ground and the angle may make it look like that.

The readings with no amplifier are 23 > S=ave Q= good, 23, 33 >S= ave Q= good, 36, 48 > S= ave Q= poor.
By the way, there is a channel 30. Readings with amp and without amp are S=ave Q= poor.

Now I am sometimes receiving Sky on channel 233 but I think it is close to the cliff edge.


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Actually the aerial is perfectly upright with no sagging, its just that I photographed it from the ground and the angle may make it look like that.
OK, that is fair enough, I did wonder. However the damage to the elements, both the set on the right and those to the left are not doing you any favours. You need to aim for all UHF channels to be showing a "Good" reading for quality.

The suggestions by Rodders53 above are worth following.


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Are you using the 19BV501B set for those readings? If not please repeat with it and report the length of the bar for signal level; with and without the amp

Q poor on 48 is uncorrectable errors (due to lower signal that the SLX helps a bit with; and likely partly due to that bent dipole X element).
The ch 30 Q poor is "I can't understand this data stream" - I got similar with a SD/DVB-T only Humax 9200T looking at a DVB-T2 mux frequency.

This is all pointing to the aerial, cabling and amplifier needing fettling (systematic repair/fault correction).


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Yes all readings are with that set, again as follows:-

Channel No Amp + Amp
23 S=ave, Q=good S=ave, Q=good
26 S=weak, Q=poor S=ave, Q=good
30 S=ave, Q=poor S=ave, Q=poor
33 S=ave, Q=good S=ave, Q=good
36 S=ave, Q=poor S=ave, Q=good
48 S=ave, Q=poor S=ave, Q=good

For signal it is shown by a bar with weak written at the beginning , average in the middle, and strong at the end. The readings I give are with the bar in one of those positions. Then Quality is given by a word: WEAK, AVERAGE, GOOD.

When I had the aerial fitted, it was with all new coax cabling from top to bottom, divided to each set room via the powered splitter/amplifier in the loft. There is no tilt in the length of the aerial as is recommended.
I can see now that whilst all fitters will probably promote themselves as experts, it is difficult to determine who is more than just competent. I have obviously had a bacofoil aerial fitted and do have pigeons around the house, so bent elements. Clearly I need to have a quality aerial fitted, but wonder how I can get a fitter who will follow the guidelines you have put forward. I guess I should buy the aerial from the supplier you have referenced to make sure I get the correct one. However getting a fitter to read and comply with all of the info you have given might be a little more difficult.
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Hi Rodders53
I have now had the Log36 aerial fitted and all channels are now working fine with clear sharp picture.
The aerial fitter said we were clutching at straws and it was most likely the tv as the other two sets were both working on all channels and I am only 1 mile from the transmitter, also that the damage to the aerial would probably make little difference. However when he had finished the job and saw the excellent result he admitted that the aerial had obviously some fault and had had it's day, even though the other two sets must have newer/better tuners. I consider them to be a reputable company with 20 years experience, but there is always something to learn!!

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance with this and ensuring I could retain my great Toshiba set with it's excellent picture and sound quality. I looked at some new sets and they need a sound bar to come anywhere near my Tosh REGZA, they are also mounted on cheap flimsy legs. I am a happy bunny!
Once again - thank you.
regards, Barry


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Hi Rodders53
Just thought I would update you. I am still receiving all channels clear and sharp with the new LOG36 aerial, in fact some pictures are sharper than ever received since the TV was new.
So thank you again for your kind help with sorting this, much appreciated.

Kind regards, Barry

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