Seven- any good?



Thinking about buying the Special Edition of Seven- is it any good?

Rambo John J

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What, the film or the 2 disc set?

Personally I'd say "yes" to both. I went for the R1 when it was originally released 2 or 3 years ago and it came in a nice thick card digipack set up like one of John Doe's notebooks. really nice. Suffice it to say, EIV never did the same for the UK set, but you can pick up the UK 2 disker for about £5 these days, which to me isn't even a decision you have to make.

Good pic quality, excellent audio and some decent extras.:thumbsup:


I would agree in this is a great movie!

When it first came out, it was for me, one of those should I watch or not. Then the wife bought it any way, she was right :D

Hmmmm, they are always right, well sometimes :rotfl:
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