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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by andybhoy, May 23, 2004.

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    If there is a better sub forum to put this in, please let me know:

    I got sky+ yesterday and it's caused a few niggles.

    I have a Wjarfdale 550 tv (rubbish) with one scart socket.
    A new Pacific VCR (from Asda, with 2 scarts.
    A Medion DVD player (as seen in bqargain forum) with 1 scart.
    Pace sky+ with 2 scarts.

    I can set it up to get it all plugged in (vcr to tv, vcr to sky+, dvd to sky+) but don't like that setup - the vcr doesn't seem to like it either making strange whining noises if I try to use it.

    I prefer my older setup which was vcr to vtv, vcr to sky, and when I wanted to use dvd, I swapped the vcr scrt for the dvd scart. Both left me with a fine tv picture.

    However now when I try to do that, I get a terrible tv picture if the dvd scart is in the tv (I've have two ariel type wires - one from the vcr and one from sky+ - I've plugged each of those into the tv, and each of those into each other, every combo in between - thos was where I used to have a fine picture but don't now).

    So the only thing I can do is when I stop watching a dvd and want the tv, I have to swap the leads right over.

    Another issue is that I can hear bbc1 when watching a dvd - I always could but only bvery lightly - now I get it pretty loudly and it's spoiling my enjoyment. I used to get a perfect picture on my dvd player but now I get a strange steam lik eeffect t5hat rises up the screen and to the right quite often.

    Any ideas what I need to do to get it to my preferred setup of swapping the dvd and vcr scarts only if I want to use the other? Also to get rid of the sound and vision problems that occur on the dvd playback? Best way to set up the wires?


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