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Can someone help me make sure i have the best setup available for my new LCD,Whats the best way to wire this lot up

37" LG LCD (1 scart, 2 component Inputs, DVI input)
RDXS32 HDD Recorder
HD850 DVD Player
Sky +
Sharp Surround System
NTL Broadband/Phone Line


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What connections are on the Sky+ box? 2 SCART and an RF?
What's on the 850 - HDMI or just component/SCART?
On that assumption - here goes:
Sky+ (SCART) TV.
Sky+ (SCART) XS32 In
Sky+ (RF) XS32
XS32 (RF) TV
XS32 (Component) TV
HD850 (HDMI-DVI cable) TV or HD850 (Component) TV
HD850 (coax/optical) Sharp surround
XS32 (optical/coax) Sharp surround

You might not get away with the 2 DVDs being connected to the Sharp (digitally) and on, unless you can choose the type of input for each on the system. If you can only choose digital or other inputs, then you'll need to wire up one of them via one of the analog inputs.


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Cheers, i have bought a Toslink selector to take care of the audio routing its a manual switch but it will do.
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