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Hi gents

Not sure if this is the correct forum so please take it easy on me.

First off i will tell you exactly what my setup is

Samsung UE55J5100
Sony PS3
Amazon fire TV Box
onkyo ht-r548

Now for the problem

Every device above plugs directly into my onkyo amp via HDMI cable then from onkyo amp to TV hdmi port.
The onkyo amp is also set to bypass vusolo2 so i don't need the amp on to watch standard sound TV.

Whilst watching standard audio TV the picture is perfect without any problems but when i have my amp on sometimes the TV loses hdmi signal for a second or 2 this happens whether I'm watching films on Amazon TV box or vusolo2' I've changed the hdmi leads and its still the same.

This TV is pretty new and my old 47 inch lg it worked perfectly

Can anyone help me ?
Is there any other set-up arrangements i can try ?

Thanks guys


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Im very new to this but sounds like it could be HDMI handshake issue. How far from avr to tv? I'd Google your amp and HDMI handshake and see if there are any settings to alter on the amp as a starting point.

Joe Fernand

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Is the AVR set to perform any video 'up-conversion' (to 1080p) on its Video Output? If yes try disabling it.

Simplify the system by disconnecting Sources from the AVR then try them one at a time (via the AVR) and see if the problem persists - ensure you are powering all devices off at the wall when connecting/disconnecting HDMI cables.

HDMI CEC - disable all HDMI 'Control' features on all devices, different manufacturers label it differently (LG - SimpLink, Onkyo - RIHD, ...).



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Thanks jo I purchased some ibra premium v2 hdmi leads from ebay which seem to have done the trick cheers mate

Joe Fernand

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Good you got it sorted - not convinced about 'V2' cables, that's simply marketing speak!


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