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hi there all, I recently upgraded from my denon 1601 to a yamaha 630. Its a lovely amp compared to my older amp thats for sure :)

I have a question concerning setting it up correctly for movies; while my old Denon let me set the distance from each of the speakers to my sitting position I have found the yamaha a little bit more difficult to set up correctly.

I sit 5 metres back from my center speaker and have my rear speakers 1 metre behind me. The amp lets me set delay on the center and the rear center. It states that for every 30cm the delay is 1. My front speakers are all in a line and my rear speakers are all in a line.

Am I correct in assuming the following then - The delay for the for the front center is 0 (i.e. leave it the way it is) and the delay for the center rear is about 13 or 14 (i.e. 13 * 30cm = 3.9 metres).

That is, I delay my center rear to make it like it was another 4 metres behind me so that the center of the sound field is hitting what it thinks is the center of the room. Is this correct or have I got it wrong?

thanks for all your help everyone.


Joe Pineapples

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sorry this isnt an answer for you - just thought i'd explain that i also intend getting this amp and was wondering more or less the same thing, but with the left/right rears - which will be a lot closer to me than the fronts.

My brother has a rather more expensive amp, and when we set that up, you could actually input the distance in feet/inches to the listening spot, for each speaker. But not sure with the 630.



I had originally set my 630 up like I would any other amp where I was setting the speakers indivudaly - reading that changed everything :)

good luck on your setup


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