Setup new xbox without transferring all games ?

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I have a new X series, and yesterday did the usual setup routine using the app (which is surprisingly easy) and it transferred lots of my games etc from old machine and after many hours of downloading/updating I started up Forza 4 ... only for it to crash on the loading screen. After various "fixes" nothing seems to work, so I've wiped the whole thing and will start again this morning without the app (in the hope of getting some more control of the process).

Does anybody know if the "manual" setup process will let me decide what is downloaded, or will it just go ahead and start the download process again. I really want to have the system to just add my account and then I'll decide what apps I need to be downloaded.

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Manual Setup should just let you add your account and setup Wifi or something and then you can go to My games and Apps and choose what to download.


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I found with my launch day experience that it got a bit confused with the Smart Delivery game updates particularly the external drive ones. I ended up with the old non Series X one on the external and the updated one on the internal. Then starting a game crashed it. In the end I deleted both copies and started the download again and all has been fine ever since.

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