Setup MediaPortal with Sky/Freesat and DJBlu's amazing EPG Grabber in just 30 minutes!


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Sep 27, 2004
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Been meaning to post this up for a while - if only to remind me how to do it again when I get around to updating to the latest versions of MediaPortal. This is a quick and dirty guide to getting MediaPortal running with Sky/Freesat and DJBlu's absolutely outstanding EPG grabber plugin.

I have a TBS 6984 DVBS/S2 Quad Tuner card - this guide should work with other branded DVBS/S2 cards, but some settings may need to be altered slightly.

This guide also assumes a clean install, ie. MediaPortal/MySQL is currently not installed. It will work with other/already installed versions of MediaPortal too, but you will have to manually add a couple of DJBlu's dll plugin files. There may however be issues if MediaPortal-related SQL software is already installed which can likely be resolved by dropping the mptvdb database. My advice is try a clean install first, otherwise you can still make it work regardless of your current configuration.

1. Install MediaPortal 1.12 from here (this particular build automatically includes & installs the 2 plugin dll files)

2. Open MediaPortal Config, choose expert, tick 'Do not ask again' and Continue. Click on 'TV/Radio' menu. You should see the hostname of your PC (you can change this to your IP address if you prefer), then 'Test connection'. You should get the TV server connection successful message. Click 'OK', and 'OK' again to close config.

3. Open TV Server Config, expand 'TV Servers' menu, then click on the hostname of your PC (or IP address if you changed it in step 2), and you should see a list of your available tuners/cards.

4. Disable and move to the bottom all those that you don't want or need. Highlight each of your remaining TV tuners and click edit. Tick: Enable Cam, allow card to be preloaded and pause card, then click save.

5. Click on Manual Control menu and TV service should restart.

6. Select 'Plugins' menu, and tick 'Sky UK Grabber'. We need to restart the TV service, so click Manual Control menu, then stop and restart TV service, waiting a few seconds in between.

7. Now open the 'TV Servers' menu again and choose your first tuner card from the list on the left (under hostname or IP). Tick #1, select 28.2 from sat list, tick Digital Satellite and enable DVB-S2. Now, scan for channels, and almost immediately, as soon as you see the green bars, click cancel. Do this for all remaining tuners. (Note: you still tick option #1 for the remaining tuners).

8. Click on 'TV Channels' menu, and you should see about 10 channels in there, mostly Channel 4+1, E4, etc... Try highlighting one of those channels, eg. E4, and click 'Preview' and you should be able to view it in a small window. Now highlight all channels and click 'Delete' to remove them all, otherwise you will end up with duplicates.

9. Now, expand the 'Plugins' menu, and click on Sky UK Grabber. On the Cards/Mapping tab, tick the top tuner to use for EPG grabbing. Under Region/Groups tab, set your region, change Documents to Documentaries and save. On Settings tab, untick 'Use Sky Region', untick 'Use throttler'. (We want to add channel logos, but leave it unchecked initially.)

10. Click general tab and GRAB!

11. The grab should only take a few seconds, but for some reason, sometimes the initial grab doesn't capture all of the data, so you should carry out a second grab as soon as the first one finishes (even if it says the first grab was successful). Before you start the second grab, go back to 'Settings' and check 'Add channel logos' - this just saves time on the first initial grab, as the logo grab can take a few minutes.

12. Click OK to close TV server config.

13. Open MediaPortal and TEST! You should now have a fully fledged EPG with freesat channels all working. If that's all working nicely, then we need to do a couple more things.

14. Quit out of MediaPortal, then open TV server config again, expand 'TV Channels' menu, click 'TV Mapping' and select each tuner you have and move all available channels from the left column to the right column.

15. Click on 'TV Channels' menu, and you should see about 830 channels listed in the 'Channels' tab. Add a channel group here, eg. Favourites. Then you can just search in the 'Channels' tab or manually select any channel you want to add, then right-click and add to 'Favourites' group. The group tabs can be moved by dragging them, so drag your newly created 'Favourites' tab all the way to the left, so it nestles between the 'Channels' and 'Entertainment' tab. Note: Channels must be ticked to make them active. Obviously, those in green are freesat and those in red are premium channels.

16. Now when you open MediaPortal again, goto your TV Guide, and on the left side you can select your channel groups. Select 'Favourites' and all your newly added channels should be in there.

17. Enjoy!

Note: It has been reported by some users that watching TV can be a bit glitchy and this has been found to be caused by Windows Defender running in the background. Either disable this completely if you don't need it, or set it to exclude all MediaPortal services and folders.


1. Open the Program Files (x86)/Team MedaiPortal/MediaPortal TV Server folder (so you can check files are copied across correctly during the process). I suggest you keep this window open, and at the side of the screen, in easy view. This way you can see if any steps are failing.

2. Download MDAPI from the link below and extract the MDAPISetup folder to your root C: then open a command prompt from within that folder (hold shift and right-click) and type installfilter.cmd - you should see some files get copied to the TV Server folder.


3. Now, open the MDPlugins folder that has just been created within the TV Server folder.

4. Edit MDAPICards.xml using notepad and change where it has "TBS xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Capture Card" to "Tuner1", "Tuner2", "Tuner3" etc... for each tuner. If you want, you can delete the 'TBS xxxxxxxxx Capture Card' folder that was created initially.

5. Keeping the MDPlugins folder open, launch TV Service config and select 'Manual Control', then stop and restart the TV Service. It should now have created a few new folders in the MDPlugins folder, eg, Tuner10, Tuner20, etc...

6. Download ACamd.dll and cardclient.conf files from here and extract both files into each Tuner folder you have.


7. MDAPI is now installed. Have fun!

To get full-on Sky working using your subscription card, you need to use OSCAM. The guide above gets you 95% of the way there, then you can use robbo100's excellent OSCAM guide found here: Sky subscription channels with Nova-HD-S2 | Page 3 | AVForums which should cover you for the remaining 5%. You will just have to pick out the relevant parts.

If I ever get around to borrowing a Sky card, I may update the guide with the last 5% at some point in the future.

Thanks to the guys at MediaPortal forums, especially DJBlu and the guys (ears) who took over his plugin development after him...

Edit: Updated step 1 to include MediaPortal v1.11
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Eventually, you will end up with something like this:

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nice setup! In your Demand section I notice you have SkyGo, how have you got that to work with MediaPortal?
It's there, but I don't use it.

Think you just need your Sky username/password and it should work:

See this thread:

Sky GO UK | MediaPortal Forum
Wow looks good. Would this work with a media portal back end and am openelec / xbmc front end with media portal plug in?

I have a little Acer Revo in my garage running OpenELEC that I use when I'm on the treadmill and it streams live TV perfectly from the MediaPortal master server...
Thanks is looking to take the plunge but so nervous as I have never done it before. I currently have xbmc clients connected to my
I used to have only XBMC before I discovered MediaPortal. Now the only reason its on the Revo is because OE is about all it can handle.

Don't be nervous mate, plenty of folk on here to help you along the way...
Sorry I posted before finishing. I currently have revo rl70, a j1800 celeron htpc and a n2820 NUC. All running openelec. Would any of these play live TV? Especially HD. Also I'm conscious of the cost to put windows on 3 machines..
I have the Revo 3610 with a crappy little Atom processor. It plays HD content and streams 1080p movies perfectly. Not sure what spec any of those you mentioned are but surely they can't be any worse than the Revo's Atom!
Oh they are better than the revo but I read a lot about the cpu not being able to decode certain types of live sd TV.. Blah blah. To be honest i don't understand any of it. I'll do my research and report back.
Hi Monkey Jug. One final question If I may. If i bought a TBS6982 dual tuner card I understand I can watch 2 channels at once...but then I read this

"While with this dual tuner TV card, you can watch two channels or watch one channel and record another channel without interference. In order to make full use of the recording capability of the TBS6982, you can record two whole TS (Transponder Stream), one of which could contains maximum ten, twelve SD or HD TV channels into your PC hard disk. Which means you will be able to record up to 24 channels with TBS6982 at the same time"

TBS 6982 DVB-S2 Dual Tuner PCIe Card HD Digital Satellite Record Freesat Ready | eBay

Is this true?
-- As an eBay Associate, AVForums earns from qualifying purchases --
Oh yes!

One of the beauties of MediaPortal. With that dual tuner card, you could record 20 channels simultaneously, provided all those channels are on the same 2 transponders!

Edit to add: If you have 4 clients and they are all going to be running at the same time, then you should probably get a quad tuner. That way you are guaranteed to be able to watch/record any channel at any given time. Otherwise, with a dual tuner, you can watch/record what you want on 2, but the other 2 clients can only watch/record from whatever transponders the first 2 clients are using. (Hope that makes sense!)
I edited my last post, so you might wanna take a look. My advice, get the quad if you can stretch to it...
Thats the thing. I'm planning to put the card in my hp microserver and that only has space for a dual tuner unless you know of a quad that is low profile?
Just thought... Other option is to remove my USB 3 card to free up the other slot and use 2 X dual tuner.
Was just about to suggest 2x duals. Don't see why that wouldn't work... Go for it!
@MonkeyJug - which solution (Media Portal, OpenElec, XBMC etc) do you find is best for a music library, on top of a film/TV library/stream? It's been a year or so since I played with OpenElec/XBMC, but never really got on with using the music side of things - that's my main desire these days thanks to streaming films/TV via Smart TV, but would consider my music being served this way.

Ideally with a nice Android App to boot ... just curious as to your opinion - you look well versed in all this :)
They are all much of a muchness. I used to be a big fan of XBMC until I discovered MediaPortal a couple of years ago, now I'd never go back.

Have a look at my video above from the 10 minute point. There are loads of options for sorting and viewing your music on the fly. I also use the Fanart Handler plugin, which automatically grabs the artists artwork displayed in the background...

I use Subsonic to stream my entire music collection to my Nexus phone and tablet when I'm out of the house - it's an amazing app and I can't recommend it enough. You need to pay for it though after the trial although I believe there are slight 'forks' from Subsonic that are free. Subsonic is the Daddy though! Even does video too...
MonkeyJug, was that a new video? How did you set up the steam section? And what sort of hardware do you need to run this. As I've said I'm looking at the live TV option but not sure it would be able to replace my sky subscription yet. I also have an old original xbox running coinops which is for emulation but would love an all in one solution. That's my aim long term
[emoji106] awesome setup.
Yeah, it's new. I only made it yesterday.

I have a 3570k in there, with 16gig of RAM and a 2gig nVidia 650 Ti GPU. Complete overkill but better to have it and not need it.

There is a Steam plugin for MediaPortal which automatically launches Steam in Big Picture mode and then relaunches MediaPortal once you're done.

I use HyperSpin for my emulation setup. Everytime I launch it, it makes me smile. HyperSpin is an amazing thing, but I've spent months on it and it still is and always will be a work in progress. Still fantastic though in its 90% complete state!

Don't forget if you ever intend to run your Sky subscription through MediaPortal, then you will only have SD on the premium channels. That is due to their new encryption method...
Wow. Thanks for the information. I'm holding off on the live TV option for now but looking ar different options.
Cheers for the update on the music side of things. I'm guessing - like all front-ends - that music works best when it's tagged properly. Years of ever-improving rips from CD has meant that rips are a bit hit and miss in my collection - need to go through with Tag&Renames (unless anyone has other suggestions on this?) - I really like the album art being added in high-res wherever possible!

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