Question Setup issues - Sky HD, PS3, Sony DAV DZ260 & TV


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So, lounge has a Panasonic TX-P65ST50B plasma which I bought from new 5 years ago. It is connected to a 2TB sky hd box via HDMI 1. The sky box is set to out Dolby over HDMI and optical. The sky box is connected to the Sony DAV DZ260 by digital coax. The Sony DAV is connected to HDMI 2 of the tv. A PS3 is attached to HDMI 3 of the tv and by digital optical to the Sony DAV.

It has all been setup for about 5 years like this but I haven’t powered on the ps3 for at least 18 months and the smart content from the tv is only via the internal tv speaker. HDMI 2 on the tv is ARC but the Sony DAV isn’t.

My sky box is distributes via RF2 to a loft amp and then to the bedrooms. Due to bad flickering I bought another box as contingency and thought I would swap it out......after doing so, all ok in the same configuration. I then thought I would power on the ps3 and watch a Blu-ray (normally use pj in another room). No sound output from ps3. Checked and it was configured for optical out. Changed it to HDMI and still no sound.

Played about last night and still no output. Swapped the PS3, no change.

This morning, unplugged the optical and ran it to the tv - ie tv out to Sony DAV in. PS3 sound worked after changing to HDMI. Sony DAV operated ok on HDMI 2. Sky had no sound until digital coax unplugged (competing signal on amp). Channel was bbc1 standard def. switched to bbc1 hd and no sound output.....! I have no idea why. Removed optical and went back to original config and all ok.

This afternoon, put ps3 on with sky off. Ps3 connected through optical. Blu-ray and cd played fine. Wrote some instructions for my wife to play cds on the ps3. Turned ps3 off and sky back on and asked her to follow them to see if they were ok. Sky turned off, ps3 on, no ps3 sound!!!

I have just left it as it is, in the config of paragraph 1. The logical setup and not sure why I hadn’t done this before would be sky, Sony DAV and ps3 connected via HDMI and tv connected to amp via optical.....but when I do this, I get no sound on hd sky channels....

I’m clearly missing something here, but not sure what.

Anybody got any ideas please?

Many thanks

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