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Hi all,

My partner bought a new TV yesterday, the 60UN71006LA (I can't find this model on the LG support list). I have a couple of issues, I hope someone can help me with.

Our setup is as follows:
Sony receiver, with all input into the receiver, and 7.1 coming out.
TV connected to amp via HDMI ARC, into HDMI ARC port on both TV and amp.

Problem 1 -
The ARC port on the TV is HDMI2.
However, when it's plugged into here, whenever we press HOME on the Sky remote (sky into the receiver), the TV switches to HDMI1 and we have to go into inputs and change it back to HDMI2. This isn't feasible every.single.time we press HOME - several times a day. We've had to put the HDMI into HDMI1 on the TV just to stop this happening, which of course means we're unable to have the sound out of the 7.1 so can only have TV speakers whenever we're using any of the apps on the TV (which is the whole reason we bought the smart TV - there was nothing wrong with our Sharp 'normal' TV except it wasn't 'smart').
Is there a way to set the default HDMI input on the TV, to stop it flicking over to HDMI1 every single time? I don't think there is but frankly it makes the whole thing almost unusable as it's not practical to have to change the input every few minutes sometimes.

Problem 2 -
I may have solved this - although I had the HDMI into ARC on both TV and amp, and I had ARC enabled, and I had 'sound out' set to HDMI ARC on the TV, I couldn't get the sound to play through the sound system. I THINK I've overcome this by setting 'HDMI control = on' on the amp and turning Sky off when using the TV but is there anything anyone is aware of on the TV end that I'm not doing?

Thanks in advance!


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