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Setup help

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by skippy72, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. skippy72


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    I've been reading guides to try to determine how I should set up the following components for the best picture, but I've not been left with a clear understanding of what's best. Must make me pretty stupid I'm sure, but I don't want to buy additional cables needlessly!

    I have to connect:

    Samsung 32" LCD LE32R51BD
    Telewest Digital Cable TV Box
    Samsung DVD Recorder DVDR120

    The Cable box has 2 output SCARTs principally, but also 2 audio sockets, and 2 PC(ish) type connctions (Not sure if they are relevant? Can list codes if necessary)

    Coax in/out, 2 audio jacks, and 2 other PC like connectors (can list codes if relevant).

    The DVD recorder has 1 scart out, 1 scart in, R W Y sockets, R W S vid sockets, Component R B G sockets.

    TV has 1 RGB scart, 1 non RGB scart (I presume RGB one is best of the 2?) R W Y sockets, s-video, HDMI, R B G scokets, PC in, DV in etc.

    I presently use SCART from Cable to DVD rec & one to TV direct, and another SCART form the DVD to the TV, (plus a Coax connection to DVD and then to TV).

    Apologies for asking something which I'm sure is explained for non techies like me, who have a lot to learn, lots of times.

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