Setup Help: LG C1 65in, LG SP8YA soundbar w/SPK8 rear and PS5


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Hello everyone,

I have the LG SP8YA (soundbar) connected to the rear LG SPK8 speakers, and the LG C1 TV is connected via ARC to the soundbar.

The PS5 is connected directly to the TV (LG C1).

I'm having issues with the rear speakers being too loud and/or having dialog run through a rear speaker when it should be through the soundbar. The settings on the ps5 was originally set to "Soundbar" but I have since changed it to "AV Amplifier" and set the number of channels to 5.1. I adjusted the front left and right speaker positions to be as close to the center channel, thinking it was a soundbar and assumed this was the right thing to do since there technically isn't a dedicated front left and right? Thoughts? This soundbar has Dolby Atmos and I may have set this up wrong.

Under the PS5 audio format I changed it from Linear PCM to DTS. Dolby is also an option but i don't know what i should set it to.

Having this new TV, soundbar and PS5 im just trying to get the best setup and I am looking for advice.

Thank you!

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