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Setup help (5.1, freeview, tv and hoping to buy a dvd recorder...)

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Awooga, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Awooga


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    Im looking to buy a DVD recorder/HDD to go with my current setup.

    I have a Philips 24" Widescreen tv, a Pioneer 5.1 surround sound home cinema and Matsui freeview. I am now looking to add to it.

    At the moment the freeview plays audio through my 5.1 as then I can listen to the freeview radio stations without the tv being on and just really for the better sound although the tv has virtual dolby.

    The freeview is also connected via scart to my tv. The 5.1 is then connected via scart to my tv which leaves the final connection to my tv (3 seperate leads) took up by a gamecube or xbox.

    I was planning on hooking up the dvd recorder to my 5.1 via optical digital out to the 5.1's optical digital in.

    Will my freeview have to then link directly to my dvd recorder? and how will the ariels connect up as the link to thr tv through the freeview box? Does the dvd recorder not need them??

    Also, I was planning to keep my 5.1 after buying and setting up my dvd recorder/HDD. Will this cause problems?

    Anyway, I have narrowed by search for a recorder down to 2 or 3;

    1: Panasonic DMREH50 (I was looking at the E85 version but I'm guessing the newer version is better, even though the E85 can still be brought).

    2: Pioneer DVR520HS,

    3: Toshiba RD-XS34
  2. redsox_mark

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    Oct 20, 2003
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    Bath, England
    Yes, you can keep your 5.1 system. Yes, you can take the optical out from the recorder and connect it to your 5.1 And yes, you want the Freeview to be connected directly to your DVD recorder. Simply take the scart that goes from your Freeview to your TV today and connect that to the scart input on the recorder. Then take the scart output from the recorder to the TV. Everything else can stay the same.

    As for those models, all are good. There have been some recent threads comparing the XS34 and the EH50.

    If you haven't already, take a look at this excellent guide



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