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Good Evening All,

About to venture into the world of projectors!
Currently got a builder around to work on some refurbing of the front room (5m long by 4.4 wide), due to previous water damage (leaks now fixed), it's been largely unused for a while, therefore the plan is this.....
TV on the wall (either 75 or 85"), 106" screen sitting so it pulls down in front of TV, projector ceiling mounted at the other end of the wall.
Have been searching on here as well as going into some shops, but essentially just wanted to confirm my understanding as to the connectivity to ensure all is ok.
We have Sky Q mini (hard wired Cat 6 to Sky router), and a PS4 to act as the sources/inputs (not sure if that's the right term!), and the outputs being the TV and the projector and also a soundbar for audio. So would it be possible to have the Sky and PS4 to connect to an HDMI splitter/switch and then have that feeding the projector and TV?
Audio wise I'm looking to put a Sonos beam in (I'm aware I could probably do more with an AV and speakers but that's not the route I wanted to go unless I need to), but I'm not sure how the Sonos would connect, would it be via the splitter or direct to the TV (in which case not sure how I'd get audio when using the projector).
Projector wise I've been looking at the Epson EH-TW7000 which was recommended by a local store.

Thanks in advance of any advice etc!


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