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hi i am looking for some advice as i am looking to improve performance of my home network, my current setup is:
Netgear wireless router
360 with wireless receiver
Laptop wireless
PS3 wireless
HTPC wirelss

my 360 and HTPC are close enough to the router that i could connect them directly, will this cuase any issues on my network, or is it just a case of plugging the ehternet cables in and that is it - my laptop and ps3 wireless setup wont be affected?. will this improve the speed of my network?.. i want to eventually get another 360 in my bedroom as a media centre extender to pick the dvds i have on my htpc up, will this network setup be ok to handle this?.


The easiest way of improving the speed will be to have a wired connection via Cat5 between your devices and the netgear router, which is what you're planning to do with your 360 and HTPC.

Your laptop and PS3's wireless connection will not be affected by this. Network throughput will definitely be quicker when sending data between devices connected via Cat5, but whenever a wireless device is involved in the chain the network speed will slow down to wireless speeds. If you want to use the 360 as a media extender then connect it via Cat5/Cat5e as wireless may struggle streaming DVDs.


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Things will improve if you are streaming content to the ps3 even though its on wireless as the pc will be wired.

You cannot beat a wired connection full stop.!


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Ever heard of homeplug plc devices - I've got the 200mbps ones and they work well for me.

I agree with both Bu5ter and nburg01. I don;t like wireless - mainly because my neighbour like to change his wireless channel every two seconds which always messes with my network.

Homeplugs are they way forward - Sure they may be a bit more expensive than cabling everything with cat5 but I'd rather pay the extra for an easy - trouble free installation.


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Your Ethernet devices should just work without much intervention on your part. You certainly don't need to touch the router.

BTW the less devices you have connected to a wireless channel the faster it works and so you may see an improvement on the devices that are still wireless.

See the Homeplug FAQ at the to of this forum.


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hi, i have connected my devices via ethernet now as follows, my 360 is wired into router , my htpc is wired into router, my ps3 and laptop are wireless, however my 360 is now not connecting to live due to IP address problems and my laptop and ps3 are also hit and miss as the wireless connection keeps going down, any advice?, do i need to change the way the router handles ip adress and if so how do i do this?.. cheers


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Unlikely to be an IP addressing problem, DHCP has worked properly since it was introduced donkey's years go. The fact that your wired stuff is getting served IP addresses confirms this.

It's far more likely to be a wireless interference problem. Check what channels you neighbours are using and then choose a different one.


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hi does anyone know how i can change ip or dhcp settings, since hardwiring my 360 and htpc yesterday my internet connection on every device wired or wirelss has more or less been broken, it works for five or ten minutes here and there but then falls off and i am without it for ten minutes or so.. i have no idea why this is, is probably best to just going back to having everything wired and putting up with the slightly slower connection? sometimes on the hardwired htpc it says connected with limited access?.

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