Settlers Movie Review & Comments


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Never even heard of it Cas till today.

The premise sounds interesting, but sadly it doesn't sound too inspiring.

Cheers anyway.

GT One

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I watched Settlers because I'm a sucker for any new sci-fi that looks a little better than B grade but of course that can be subjective, the early part of Settlers was interesting though lacking some depth, most of the scenarios presented left a lot for the imagination which for those not familiar with well used sci-fi themes will have lost the interest of a reasonable part of the audience mid stream.
As a story presumably set some time in the future the reason for this Mars colony or even the fate of the Earth itself would be a nice addition to the story arc just to help examine the breakdown of social order presented on screen if nothing else, instead the story quickly became darkly perplexing and unfulfilled with virtually no time allowed for any emotional investment as life on Mars looked rather dire and temporary anyway.
I guess you may imagine that this story could be part of the Blade Runner series, in my opinion some generic link may have presented a bit more logic to the degeneration of humanity on Mars and especially the technology needed for terraforming which is probably the biggest mystery of this movie considering the other low tech weapons shown.
I can only give this movie 6 out of 10.


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yeah I thought it was ok, worth a watch, 6/10 is probs a tad two high but its was a bit better than 5 for me.

Great review, thanks.


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Give it a 6/10 also, it was ok...

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