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Can I have some assistance please. I have the following set up; denon 3200w avr, Cambridge 851w amp, 2xQ900 kef floorstanders and 2xQ400 kef subs. I like my music heavy and loud with some thumping bass, could somebody please advise on the denon settings, crossovers, channel levels, sub volumes etc etc... Please keep the jargon simple as I'm not that clued up, obviously!!


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You simply run the Audyssey calibration using the supplued mic. This well attempt to calibrate the receiver so that it sounds well balanced. Your preferences contradict what most would consider well balanced or desirable.

Maybe engage Audyssey Dynamic EQ if wanting FX to be emphasised?

AV receivers calibrate themselves in relation to reference levels and standards laid down by the studios where the soundtracks of movies are mixed. This is what you are trying to recreate so that you hear a close approximation of what the person doing the mix heard during the mix and a recreation of what will have been heard in a movie theatre.

You first need to concentrate on speaker placements prior to even starting the calibration. You may find the following articles helpful:
Speaker placement for home theater

Crawling for Bass - Subwoofer Placement Tips

After you've sorted the speaker placements then move onto setting up the subwoofer. Prior to running the calibration you need to configure the settings on the rear of the sub as follows:
Volume to about the 10 o'clock position
Crossover/Frequency set as high as the setting allows or set to a dedicated LFE option if one exists
Phase set to 0°
Turn off any AUTO power feature

One the sub is configure then you can run the Audyssey calibration.

After the calibration is complete then you can manually configure the bass management by setting all speakers as being SMALL irrespective of their actual physical size and by then assigning the speakers with crossovers that are appropriate for their capabilities. I'd suggest using a 80Hz crossover wth your speakers.
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