Settings Recommendations - Sony 85' X900H 4k Settings with Home Theater (1st 4K TV)


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Settings Recommendations - Sony 85' X900H 4k Settings with Home Theater (1st 4K TV)

I just picked up my first 4k TV yesterday and set it up last night. I purchased the 85' X900H and finally moved my 60' Panasonic 1080P plasma to the bedroom , and moving the 50' 1080I Hitachi to the garage LOL. Both sets were bought new in 2012 and 2007 respectively. LOL Shows you how long I keep them NEVER any challenges out of either. I use an HTPC in the Media Room and I wanted to take full of advantage of the HTPC and my Onkyo TX-RZ810. So prior to picking up the X900H I bought all new cables even though the ones I had would have easily done the job but I read some horror stories so just wanted to be sure everything worked at the correct refresh and allowed the HDCP chain to remain unbroken.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of setup considering all the different pieces and chains. HTPC, AV Receiver, Xbox, Blu Ray all recognized and I had no idea the TV would change the AV Receiver inputs and audio output options based on what I input on the TV. I guess I am used to old school technology that was always a PITA.

To get ready for streams on the HTPC I installed quite a few upgrades to ensure I could keep up with FPS and resolutions. Since the processor and platform is older I went from 16gb to 32gb (mainly because it was cheap), added a liquid cooler, overclocked the CPU slightly, and installed a 4gb DDR6 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 OC. The only frustrating part was getting Netflix to stream on HTPC with the HDR function. This was very important to me since I view other region content on the system. I know my AV Receiver does 4k upscaling with HDR & Dolby Vision, and so does the software on the X900H but I wanted it to be native and not upscaled hitting the Sony. I found an old post on Reddit from someone who gave the fix. Hours of frustration knowing I meet all the system requirements and countless system setting changes and reboots turned out to be nothing more than a $0.99 HEVC video extension purchased from the Microsoft Store. SMH

I must admit I love this TV after only a few hours of playing with it and watching various sources/content. The HTPC changes and the way everything is working with the Sony and talking to each other really opened up the AV Receiver capabilities some I had never experienced even with a few years of ownership. I'm not sure if it was the new cables, the ability of all the devices to talk to each other, the sound formats - whatever it was color me impressed the AV receiver and the THX certified 7.1 speakers have NEVER sounded so good and the audio pick up on the tracks is better than ever. The 2 12" JBL ES250P's with upgraded subwoofers really help.
My Home Theater is a Hodge Podge of things collected throughout the years and most bought at heavy discounts when newer models were released. I probably have almost as much in the TV as everything else combined. But this Sony is the center piece and crown jewel of the set up.

If you have read this much and this far TY! I don't post a lot online and usually gather info from all the other real world and tech/spec experts. One of the common things I always read is more info, what's your setup etc. to gain answers so I wanted to offer an accurate picture of all equipment to get the best advice.
I love the picture so far granted limited use - I did custom settings based on some YouTube channels and since this is my first 4K TV and use of some of the equipment features I have with these settings what would be some settings on the Sony you would recommend to take full advantage of picture, settings etc. of the TV and to help it work at its best with current equipment? Internet speed is no problem as my cable company runs fiber optic straight to my residence which is odd considering I live in a rural county setting in the woods, in a log cabin, go figure. I have a 500Mbps up and down and the TV is wired not WIFI.

For example, I haven't seen any videos on the Dolby Vision Enhanced setting for HDMI ports 3 and 4 .... was this something released in the last firmware update? Is it better based on my equipment to set it up with the Dolby Vision Enhanced or just use the Enhanced Settings for the HDMI port?

I'm open to any suggestions to improve my experience and use this TV to its fullest potential. And I updated firmware already - it was the first thing I did.
Thanks for any advice and help.

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