Settings of yamaha 1400, please help!




I recently bought a yamaha rxv 1400 rds as a replacement for my yamaha dspa2. I'm still a tad dissapointed with the 2 channel performance in combination with my kef reference 2 (89 db / 4ohm). I know the kef's need better amps but since i have a young daughter i have to save hard ::clap: for a power amp.

I noticed that the autosetup with microphone offered improvement when i did chose front equalizing instead of flat but what can i manually set to improve the sound?

Right now it sounds worse than the 6 years old dspa2 altough the channel separation is better as is the detail. I'm just missing soundstage and impact and even if i bring it back to the shop i have to buy the initial price :lesson: once again to the nad 763 and i would rather save for a good seperate poweramp.

Thanks and help me saving



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Ok Brambo I dont want to make you feel as if you are sucking eggs, im just wondering what other settings you have setup on it?

Amp set for 6 ohms? as it cant be set for 4.
Using direct stereo mode?
Have you used it much as amps need some time to 'bed in'
As you said you have excellent speakers:thumbsup: but they need loadsa juice.

The only other options are trading the yammy for a Harmon/Kardan or getting a seperate amp for stereo.

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