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Bryce Curdy

Apologies for what are probably quite basic questions, but having had my dealer out I'm more confused than before and want to be sure everything is as well set up as possible.

Just plugging the PS3 into the Lumagen using a HDMI-DVI cable gave pretty good results for Bluray on my Pioneer 504 TV at 1080i, but there was a bit of judder when panning. He has changed the output from 50 Hz to 60 Hz which appears to have helped although I need a bit more time to watch to be sure. I've read elsewhere another Lumagen owner has set the output at 48 Hz. Would that be better and would my TV accept that as an input?

He's also set up a second setting on MEMB for games which passes through a 720p signal. This makes sense but he has also told me to set the PS3 video output manually when changing between Bluray and games which is a bit of a pain. He says that if I set the PS3 to automatic with 576p, 720p and 1080i all selected then the PS3 will take the game's 720p signal and covert it to 1080i before output to the Lumagen which will then have to deinterlace it. Is this correct?

Thanks for any help.

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Your tv will not accept a 48Hz signal on hdmi....probably wont on analogue either. So use 60Hz for that source.

If the PS3 is set to UP TO 1080i as the output res then he is probably correct. Why don't you compare 1080i to Lumagen to 720P from PS3 on NON SCALE Pass and see if you see a difference...if you don't then just use the single memory.



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Yes changing the resolution for gaming and Blu-ray is a pain, although not difficult. Takes no more than 10 seconds once you've done it a few times.

My PJ is 1280 x 720p. I set the PS3 to 720p (pass through) for games as I find this gives me a much better result than 1080i from the PS3 scaled to 720p by the HDQ.


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Some helpful info there, thanks guys.

I set the PS3 to 720p (pass through) for games as I find this gives me a much better result than 1080i from the PS3 scaled to 720p by the HDQ

I've spent the last 30mins playing around with my Lumagen and can see that passing through 720p from the PS3 gives a slightly better picture on the Panny panel than 1080i scaled to 768p, although there's not much to choose between the two. 768p does appear slightly 'softer' though.

I hadn't considered the MemA & MemB functions before, so I've set MemA for pass-through and MemB for 1080i scaled to 768p/59.94Hz.

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