Settings for Panny AE700...starting point


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Just got a Panny PTAE700, and pretty pleased with it... apart from the colour on flesh tones. Im having real probs getting them right.
Could anyone share their basic settings that they're happy with, and I'll start from there?
Im projecting onto a screen made from blackout material.
Thanks guys.


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I've just got one of these but its going to have to go back!

There is what i think is a convergence error. When I display some DVE test patterns, thin horizontal lines have a green bottom edge and a red top edge about a pixel thick. Vertical lines are fine/

On a red screen, it shades to pink in the bottom left corner.

And, it has bad vertical banding......

Didn;t have any of these problems with my AE300....


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Having had a tweak to try to get it better, I found initially that the best settings to use were Normal then set brightness contract colour etc usinf DVE or THX Optimizer from a DVD that has it. (Epidosed 1,2,3...all have it)

Threads on AVSForums state Natural with colour temp -1 is supposed to be nearest to 6500K but on my machine this makes the grey scale turn pink!!


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I found these settings to work very well might not for u though


colour temp +1
Gamma settings
both red -8
both blue +4

might be other way round lol but does give good flesh tones.

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