Setting Up Xenta Wireless 5.1 With Samsung PS51D550 + PS3 + Xbox + Tivo


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Morning All

First Post – Eek!

I'm toying with buying this system – as I've been looking for a wireless surround sound for sub £100 for ages.

I see there are a LOT of problems in the reviews with the rear speakers not working – but I've assumed this is their set up – or their input/source not actually providing a 5.1 channel etc.

But, I'm not sure how I would go about connecting this up.

I have a PS3 – that I only use to play BluRays – and an Xbox for Gaming. I have a Tivo 1TB box – and these are fed (via HDMI) into my Samsung PS51D550.

I cant picture off the top of my head what inputs I have on the back of the TV – but the back of the Sub Woofer of the Xenta appears to require 3 or 4 sets of Red/White cables?

Can I use this system with my set up?

How would I get 5.1 (if possible)

I would be happy with just getting sound out of the 5 speakers (to give a good sound to the room) even if its not true 5.1

Can anyone help?

Best Regards,



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The speakers are designed to be used with some form of processor that processes the 5.1 and sends out via multichannel analogues. None of your devices have this so you will not get proper 5.1. You may be able to cobble some form of splitter to split the stereo signal but it is not going to sound great.
To be honest you would be better to save your money and wait until you have around £200 instead and get something like the Yamaha 196. This will have all the connectivity you want/need and not only give you proper surround sound but sound so much better as well. Either that or look in the classifeds here or ebay for some secondhand kit.
Wireless speakers are renowned for lowering sound quality and that is on systems costing £200+ just for the wireless bit. Having wireless rears on a system costing less than £80 is asking for trouble IMHO and is probably why the reviews are bad for it.


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Okay, I hear what you’re saying.

Buy cheap by twice – sort of mentality.

I always find the problem is that I never have £200+ laying about. So when something comes along for £75 – it’s a bit hard to say no.

Fear not, I did not succumb.

But whats a cheaper alternative?

I just want to have some nice sound in the house – rather than dependant on the TV speakers.

A 2.1 system? Does that still mean rear speakers? I would honestly say that wired rear speakers are an impossibility in my house due to the layout.

So can I get a 2.1 that’s just fronts?

What about Soundbars – or is that considered a swear word round here?

I've heard they can recreate certain aspects of surround.

I don’t need to feel like I've paid my £8 at Cineworld – like I said – I almost just want a bit of bass – and a bit of bullet whizzing :D

Thanks for the reply PSM1 – I appreciate your advice.


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The Yamaha 196 from Richer Sounds would be worth looking at. This is 5.1 but would work fine without the rear speakers connected i.e. 3.1. This would be one of the cheapest ways to be able to connect all your equipment and get a resonable sound. Then you could look to buy a wireless adaptor for the rears if you really wanted them. However, with things like D line trunking or running wires under skirting boards it can be very easy to hide cable away so as to appease the wife.


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The Yamaha 196 will perform better than both of those put together.


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I would get the 196 as it is based around an AV receiver so will be better than the Sony all in one systems. It will also have all the connectivity you need to connect all your sources which I doubt the Sony ones will.

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