setting up xbox live... rocket science?


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Oct 11, 2000
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I've had an xbox and broadband for ages but never bothered with xbox live until a chap at work convinced me it was a good idea.
So I went out and bought a starter kit thinking that was all I needed.

Arghhh... am I the only dunce around here?

First off, I thought the X-Box had a built-in modem. I've since found out that socket on the back is just a network connector and needs to be connected to a modem. Can't help feeling a bit cheated by this.

I wasn't about to go out and buy another modem or anything else, so I decided to try 'sharing' the broadband connection with my PC.
Well, this is a right pain anyway because the PC is miles away from the X-Box.
Anyway I followed the rather vague instructions and got a long cable to connect everything up. But of course that didn't work did it!
I've since discovered that you can't just use a normal phone cable even though the socket fits. So I'll have to buy the proper 'crossover' cable to make it work!

Then there's the issue of having to leave your PC on to use X-box live unless you're using a router. But that's all very complicated aswell and I'll need a shed load of new cables and a new modem to replace my PCI one.

There seams to be alot of hidden criteria with it which is not made clear, and this means extra costs.
It obviously isn't as simple as Xbox + Broadband + starter kit = XBox live!

I'm not a PC novice by any stretch of the imagination, so it concerns me how PC novices are expected to get up and running with X-Box live at all. It must be a blinkin' nightmare for some folk.

I will get this sorted, but I'm rather dischuffed in having to cough up more dosh than the hype machine would have you believe.
Why is it complicated?

Any numpty would realise they need a CAT 5 cable to plug into the xbox :rolleyes: :D

All I did was get said cable, plug into my broadband modem, type in the mac address of my pc into the xbox live dashboardy thing and away you go.

I have to have my pc switched off when I swap cables on the modem between my pc and my xbox as otherwise I have to do a system restore on the pc due to it not being able to release and renew my ip address.

It's certainly isn't rocket science mate!

I don't even have a GCSE in anything remotely computerish.
okay, now I'm completely baffled.

My Broadband modem is a PCI, so I want to use that to connect up the x-box. I don't mind the PC being on while I'm using X-box live.

I've bought a crossover cable and connected it up.
The X-box now recognises a cable is connected but it won't auto detect and says "no DNS server addresses were received from the DHCP or PPPoE server", which is complete double Dutch to me.

I managed to work out how to copy the MAC address from the PC and enter it manually into the X-box, but that didn't work either.
I've also left the PC switched off and unplugged the modem cable for 10 minutes, but still nothing!

What am I doing wrong?
The problem appears to Norton Firewall.
If I disable it on the PC everything works.

Problem now is how to configure the firewall to continue protecting my PC whilst allowing the X-Box to communicate.

have you tried the official M$ Xbox site at this tells you exactly what to do, I also think you will find from one of the links what ports you need to open up on your Norton firewall to allow live through. Or, if you have NAT setup, you should not need it.

Hope this helps.

You are running firewall software in Windows that is blocking the ports required for Xbox Live.
A firewall is a security system that acts as a protective boundary between a network and the outside world by blocking network traffic on certain ports. If your modem supports Ethernet connections, connect your Xbox console directly to your modem (bypassing the router) and see if the problem is resolved.

If you are able to connect to the network when you bypass your computer, you may need to configure your firewall software to allow network communication on the specific ports required for Xbox Live. For Xbox Live to work correctly, the following ports need to be open:

• UDP 88
• UDP 3074
• TCP 3074

For information about how to open the ports needed by Xbox Live, consult your firewall software documentation or computer manufacturer (if your software was pre-installed).
I shudder at the memory of trying to set up Live through Win 98 with Internet Connection Sharing. :suicide:
Thanks for the replies. I'd actually got it sorted by meddling in the firewall settings.

I wanted to connect my X-Box as cheaply as possible by going via PC ICS, and I think most people with existing USB or PCI broadband modems would want to do the same.
Like I said earlier, this must be a nightmare for some folk, even with on-line help!

I'd actually ike to get a wireless network set up, but its really too expensive. I'd rather save my money for my next 'proper' purchase... a Plasma screen !


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