Question Setting up Synology NAS as a media server

king krish

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Hi, I've be meaning to do this for years and am finally getting round to it.

Firstly the hardware I'm using is as follows:

Netgear 2300ac router
Synology ds1815+ NAS (wired)
Nvidia Shield TV (wired)
Asus ROG laptop (wired)
Yamaha rxv673 (plan to upgrade this month, currently planning to get Denon AVRX2500h)

So far I installed and added my media to the NAS drive in folder video with subfolders for movies tv etc. I setup my server on Plex... I want to be able to run this on kodi and plex.

Now what i am struggling to do it to get these files to play on my various devices and setup like I've seen others do.

I tried to add the source on Kodi and it couldn't connect, I have enabled NFS.

On plex I managed to get the files on there but it would buffer every few seconds.

All the wired mentioned above are connected to the router.

I've tried search for guides and watched YouTube videos but no luck 8-(.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Krish


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I use the following software on my Synology NAS.


With the steaming module added and set everything to stream at 96kz as this makes is sound better. Read that on the Linn forum and it’s worked for me.

I don’t use any of the default synology software.


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Sorry just reread. I only use mine for music not movies.


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I have a DS414, I have all my movies on that. I set it up for nfs, & my NUC (libreelec) H96 Pro Coreelec, Beelink Coreelec all imediately, saw my movies, & played fine.

I have recently purchased a Nvidia shield. I have kodi setup, but nfs doesn't work, so I used smb. My plex server on my shield is connected to the movies on my shield.

I am using homeplugs, but don't seem to have stuttering.


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To setup NFS on Synology for Kodi do the following.

Click on “Control Panel” & select “File Services” scroll down to the bottom of the section and enable NFS service.

Next go to “Shared Folder” in the same control panel zone and select a folder then click on “edit”.

Go to the “NFS Permissions” and click on “Create”

Copy settings as in picture or text below

Hostname or IP = *

Privilege = Read/Write
Squash = Map all users to admin
Security = sys
Asynchronous = Enabled
Allow connections from non-reserved ports = enabled
Allow users to access mounted sub folders = enabled

Now on Kodi browse NFS networks and you should be able to access NFS shares.

Keep in mind NFS uses IP address so you must assign a static IP to the NAS, modern routers can do this without having to manually set an IP in Synology DSM but thats the other way.

Also with NFS you will see a Synology hidden @ folder from time to time, these are Synology OS folders, they are hidden while browsing NAS via PC or web interface but NFS shows them, just ignore them.

As for Plex buffering that I'm unsure on as to the cause, try NFS with Kodi and see if that works reliably first, if it buffers too then something is wrong with underlying network link.


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