Question Setting up PV1D with B&W Panorama 2

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by MQ123, Aug 25, 2018.

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    I have bought B&W PV1D to go with my Panorama 2 soundbar which I have had for about a year. In the past the best sub I had was Tannoy in the SFX setup so this is in a different league altogether with so many more settings and I need help with the setup.

    Could someone please advise what’s the best setting for the sub? Also, even the soundbar have sub settings so do I need to setup both or settings on the sub will override what I setup on Panorama 2?

    I am usually fine with tech but since I have never owned a quality sub I am not sure where to begin and any guidance I could get will be highly appreciated.

    FYI- default settings on the sub are as follows:

    Volume Trim 0db
    Presets 1

    Line input-
    Sensitivity 0db
    Gain 0db
    Polarity normal

    Speaker sensitivity 85 dB

    Speaker -
    Frequency 80hz
    Slope 4th order
    Phase 0deg


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